Did you know there are more than 700 different strains of cannabis that have been found or developed?

Depending on the strain of seeds you buy, you will experience different effects and sensations.

If you want to learn how to grow your own cannabis, the first place to start is with seeds.

Keep reading if you need help buying cannabis seeds and getting your plants growing!


One of the most convenient places to buy cannabis seeds is online.

Various seed banks have websites which you can purchase seeds from. These sites tend to show pictures of the seeds un-sprouted, the plant, and the buds they produce. Take a look at the descriptions when you compare seeds online since you won’t have a budtender to answer your questions.

Below are a few of the most reliable seed banks to order from.

Seed City

If you’re looking for the best deals and discounts on cannabis plants or seeds, Seed City is recommended.

Seed City is an online seed bank that offers frequent deals and low shipping costs. Each time you order from this store you will receive additional free seeds. Although the website looks outdated, this website is legitimate and reliable.

You can purchase CBD, auto-flowering, and feminized seeds.


Whether you’re looking for feminized or regular cannabis seeds, Cali-Buds has you covered.

You can buy seeds online through the store and select from a variety of strains. This store sells more than 3,000 seeds, all coming from the best banks and greenhouses. Greenhouse Seeds, Royal, Queen, and Sweet seeds are common selections consumers make.

Cali-buds is well-known for its Mantra Bars Euphoria Bar, but their seed selection will impress you. Some of their seeds are auto-flowering, which makes them easier to grow in northern climates.

I Love Growing Marijuana

Many people recommend ordering from I Love Growing Marijuana, especially if you live in the United States.

This company offers free shipping for consumers within the US. Not only will you save on shipping costs, but the packaging is also discreet and well worth the price. If you are a beginner at growing, they can offer auto-flowering or other simple seeds that thrive.

Aside from the best seeds, I Love Growing Marijuana can also give you resources to improve growing strategies and harvests.


Not all cannabis seeds are created equally, and Seedsman specializes in the most unique.

If you’re looking for affordable, specialty seeds, Seedsman is a great resource. This company offers worldwide shipping, making it a popular and reliable choice. Depending on offers, they provide discount codes to shoppers and send seeds in smart packaging that isn’t identifiable.

Gorilla Seeds

If you’re looking for some of the newest strains and seeds, Gorilla Seeds is a great bank to buy from.

Gorilla Seeds has an abundance of hybrid, Sativa, and indica strains. You can get free and fast shipping from around the world and the packaging is always guaranteed to be discreet. Take a look at the auto-flowering seeds if you are a beginner, otherwise, you can view the entire seed bank if you want a challenge.

The Gorilla Seeds brand offers free seeds for every order and they add additional options the more you buy. The best part is that if something is wrong with your order and the package gets damaged during shipment, they will send a replacement.

If you use Bitcoin, they will allow you to buy products with your digital wallet. This is a feature that most seed dispensaries can’t offer.

At the Dispensary

Depending on where you live, you might have the option to buy seeds from a local dispensary.

Buying from your local stores can help your community and you can also get the chance to ask questions. Dispensaries are a goldmine for knowledge and staff are always more than welcome to help when they aren’t overwhelmed with orders.

Before driving to the dispensary, take a look online and see what types of seeds they offer. This can give you a chance to research them a little before speaking with the budtender.

It helps to consider the types of cannabis strains you want since this will narrow your seed options.

Buy Fresh Buds

Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find the best seeds in the buds you are about to smoke.

Before you toss your buds into the grinder, you may want to break them into smaller pieces and search for seeds. They are easy to spot and you’ll appreciate having a smoother smoke session without the stems and seeds.

The downside to getting seeds with this method is that it takes time. Find a small jar and start gathering seeds each time you smoke. Once you have a good collection, place them in cool water and toss the seeds that float.

The good seeds will fall to the bottom of the glass, identifying they have the potential to grow. Keep in mind that not all of the seeds will be feminized, which will result in hemp plants that don’t produce marijuana.

Turn Your Cannabis Seeds Into Sprouts

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds, there are many places to purchase from that will produce stunning plants.

The seed bank will help determine the quality of your seeds and the strains you can get. Make sure you research the vendor you want to buy from and follow all of your state laws and regulations. You will likely have to show proof of identification when you finalize the purchase.

Don’t be afraid to try growing different types of seeds since each of them has unique characteristics.

If you want to learn more about cannabis plants and the benefits of marijuana, check out our blog for the latest content!