Anyone that has suffered through dental pain knows it’s one of the worst experiences you can go through. And the more time passes in consulting a specialist, the worse the pain becomes, rendering you completely ineffective.

This is precisely what I had to endure during my recent visit to the sin city. I remember landing in Vegas and thinking of all the possibilities that the city had to offer, only to lay prone on my bed for hours in the evening. I was unable to move or do anything. Even thinking about what to do seemed like a painful chore. And the lack of an emergency dentist near me that accept medical insurance only made a bad situation worse.

This is the very story I wish to share in this article. This is my vote of thanks towards Teledentistry which will hopefully guide people suffering from dental ailments at odd hours or places. And the best part is, you wouldn’t even need to leave your house.

Dental issues at the worst possible moment

Even though I’m no stranger to dental root issues, things hadn’t really been that bad. One of my left molars had been bothering me for a while now, enough for discomfort but not enough for me to take any real action.

That being said, things took a turn when I was scheduled to visit Las Vegas for some business needs. I landed at the airport via the evening flight and took a cab to my hotel room on the strip. It was only once I entered my hotel that my teeth started to throb, and things went south pretty fast.

In less than ten minutes, the symptom went from light pain to downright searing agony. All I could do was press onto my left side cheek and frantically look for an emergency dentist around. As my agony was piling on, I discovered to my horror, the sheer lack of dentistry options in and around the strip, particularly out of the standard business hours. I was about to resign to my fate when I suddenly had this idea of looking online.

A frantic search led me to Teledentistry

I pulled out my phone and started to look for online dentistry options out of sheer desperation. And that is what led me to Teledentistry. I was able to consult a dentist who is available remotely round the clock and find a solution to my ailment. What pleasantly surprised me was the sheer professionalism and proficiency of my remote dentist, who immediately got a vivid idea of my issue and suggested solutions.

If you check out this dentist in Saratoga Springs, they’ll tell you that teledentistry is actually on the rise nowadays, so it’ll only be a matter of time until it becomes common.

I’ll never be hindered by a lack of emergency dental care again, in Las Vegas or anywhere else!

I was shocked and dismayed at the sheer lack of emergency dental care options in the cities, especially when you’re far from residential areas. Most emergency dentist areas are in and around residential areas, and emergencies that happen far often have to go unattended.

After I went online, my first instinct was to look for emergency facilities that were available nearby, especially at a rather odd hour. But, unfortunately, there was nothing showing up that did not need me to travel several miles while I continued to suffer. And as my situation kept deteriorating rapidly, the option to travel long for care had to be excluded for good.

And even though a few options did show up in my search, being near tourist hotspots like the strip, they were already overbooked with no immediately available slots, something I needed desperately.

However, thanks to Teledentistry, none of that mattered! I was able to avail of quality dental care, right on the strip. And did I mention all of this happened at a fraction of the cost of a regular dental appointment?

Kudos to Teledentistry! My evening was saved!

Other than the perpetual and anywhere availability, I’d also have to praise Teledentistry for the sheer simplicity of the process. All I had to do was sign up online and fill up a few forms requiring basic information. And that’s it. There was barely any waiting time, and I was patched to an available dental consultant on their platform to get my issue addressed.

We connected via video call, where the dentist was able to judge my condition based on my symptoms and the details that I supplied. The dentist took the time to understand my problem in-depth and only then proceeded with the recommendation. Other than prescribing medication that immediately addressed the excruciating pain, the dentist also offered follow-up instructions to help me address the root cause of the issue in the longer run.

The many benefits of Teledentistry over regular dentistry

And to imagine, if it weren’t for this Teledentistry option, I probably would be unable to get the emergency care I needed, as I was rendered quite immobile through the pain. Neither was there any available emergency dentist near me and nor did I have the time or the capacity to travel a long distance for consultation.

The fact that I didn’t even have to travel anywhere and the simple process only took minutes – right from signing up to completing the consultation – came as a blessing to me. And I can safely say that having experienced the many conveniences of Teledentistry, I’m not going to look for an in-person dentist appointment anytime soon!


To sum up my experience with Teledentistry in one word, I’d have to say it was “spectacular”. I’m thoroughly grateful to have found this exceptionally convenient service right when I needed it the most. With Teledentistry, dental patients can get quality care from licensed dentists using only a virtual platform. All you need is your smartphone, and you’re done!

No more do you have to go through the cumbersome process of contacting emergency dental centers, scheduling an appointment, traveling there, waiting to be served, and then receiving the care you need. And thus, if you are ever in need of dental assistance, no matter the time or place, opt for Teledentistry and see the difference for yourself.