5000 years ago yoga commenced in Indus-saraswati civilization. Yoga was cited in rig veda(series of textual content which includes rituals, mantras and song) . This is surely considered one among the largest creations in human history.

Yoga gives solutions to the bulk of the ailment and human problems.

There is a technique to any bodily or intellectual difficulty which the human frame would possibly face.

It was developed by rishis and brahmans who recorded their schooling in Upanishads. This became then evolved and turnout to be what we recognize as yoga.

The five principles of yoga are :

1.Asana(Proper Exercise)

2.Pranayama(Proper breathing)

3.Savasana(Proper relaxation)

4.Proper diet and nutrition

5.Positive thinking and meditation

Is yoga really worth it for weight loss ?

This is a debatable topic that doing yoga alone is good for weight loss . But like exercising yoga along with right meals and life-style offer you with the favored end result. Daily exercise of yoga does offer you with a feel of alleviation, makes you stress free and makes you prefer for wholesome meals in place of awful meals.

There are many examples of people who do yoga and got its benefits. There are people who have not faced any major health issues specially old age issues like heart issues, diabetes etc just by proper practice of yoga.

Some common advantages of Yoga are :

  • Increases flexibility
  • Increases respiration
  • Improves immunity
  • Stress management
  • Improves metabolism
  • Weight reduction
  • Works on core muscle.

To know more benefits of yoga : 17 Insane Benefits of Yoga (Backed by science)

Yoga asanas for weight reduction:

1. Adho mukha svanasana – Downward dog pose :

With the each day exercise of this asana your arms, thighs , hamstring and thigh get stretched and hence boom your power together with that your stomach muscle gets the right massage. This asana guarantees right blood movement and awareness and proves to be a fantastic asana to be covered and truly a part of my list of asanas for weight reduction.

2.Tadasana – Mountain Pose :

Tadasana could be very powerful for your knee, thighs, legs, back , arm and shoulder.

Practice of this asana stretches your lower body and creates tension to your lower body hence accelerating your weight reduction process.

3.Halasana – Plow Pose

This asana works on your calves, tighs, stomach, lower back and organs like kidney.

This asana is a bit tough however every day practice of this asana offers vital exercise in your belly and definitely speeds up your weight reduction process as this asana directly works to your stomach fats. This is truly for me a go to and a part of my list of asana for weight reduction.

4.Surya Namaskara – sun salutation 

This is one of the ultimate asana. This asana works on nearly each part of your body and boosts your core muscles. This asana works on your arms, legs, works to your stomach, muscle works to your digestive system, balances your metabolism and makes you fresh mentally and physically.

Doing 10 to fifteen surya namaskar each day will burn plenty of calories and could improve your weight reduction process.

5.Trikonasana – Triangle pose

 Trikonasana improves your digestion and decreases your fats near the waist and stomach location. This asana allows you to construct muscle close to your thighs and enhance your hamstring muscle and reduce or prevent hamstring injuries.

This asana is truly endorsed for those suffering from belly fats problems and so I mentioned this asana in my list of asana for weight reduction.

Other habits along side asana which will enhance you weight reduction process are :

Intermediate fasting  :

In easy phrases keep sixteen hours fast ie from your dinner to your next meal in the morning or afternoon and basically don’t have breakfast and have dinner directly.

           This is a completely powerful manner to burn calories and enhance your weight loss process.

Drinking water empty stomach(3 glass) :

Drinking water empty not only boosts your immunity but additionally burns your calories mainly calories near your stomach area and additionally saves you from many illnesses because it reduces infection in your body and additionally speeds up the cleansing process.

Walking empty belly(morning walk) :

Study suggests that walking empty belly walk quickens the weight reduction process. As you stroll empty belly greater calories get burned than usually as your body burns fats to fulfill your energy need. Also taking walks or exercising empty belly make your body choose for clean meals instead of bad one.

Eat clean and healthy :

Try keeping off outside meals or atleast limit outside meals and fried meals go for clean wholesome meals consume more fruits and vegetable and prevent or limit the intake of sugar as it is certainly considered one among the largest barricade for your weight reduction process rather move wholesome sweetener like jaggery which not only fulfill your need or desire for sweetness but additionally comes with plenty of blessings.

Avoid stress and tension( do meditation) :

Stress and tension is the essential reason of weight gain as because of pressure and tension bad fats will increase in your body mainly near your stomach location additionally proper digestion of meals do not take place because of that you would possibly go through stomach issue from constipation to many other digestion issues and stress will increase inflation in your body which can also additionally bring about diseases like cardiac attack, most cancers and the list goes on. So exercise meditation on an everyday basis which maintains you calm in tough situations.

Bonus tip :

If you can decrease your beverage and cold drinks.Drink max to max 2 cups tea or coffee per day and put jaggery instead of sugar in it

Avoid or reduce alcohol, cold drinks if and junk food if you want to achieve weight loss.


So weight reduction is truly smooth with yoga if carried out properly.

20-30 minutes of each day yoga bundle with the above stated habits will truly serve you with the desired end result,

So I hope you achieve your health goals with yoga. Hope this article helped you