Did you know that American adults consume an average of 77 grams of sugar each day, which is three times the recommended amount? Sugar consumption is even worse in children, with the average child drinking enough sugary drinks each year to fill many bathtubs.

Excessive sugar consumption has been linked to various illnesses, like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and more. To avoid these illnesses and to have an overall healthier body, cutting down on sugar is essential. But how can you do that?

Read on to learn how to cut down on sugar in effective and safe ways.

How to Cut Down on Sugar: Avoid Sugary Drinks

For most Americans, sugary drinks are the most challenging aspect of cutting back on sugar. Everything from sodas to sweetened teas and even smoothies have a lot of added sugars.

Your body does not process sugar in drinks as it does in food, so it absorbs the sugar from a drink much more rapidly. People who drink sugary drinks are adding a lot of calories to their daily intake, as well, increasing the risk of obesity. Instead, go for healthier options like unsweetened sparkling water, plain water, coffee, black or green tea.

Choose Better Snacks

If you are peckish between meals, going for a muffin, cookie, or another sweet snack is something you want to avoid. Not only do they add unnecessary grams of sugar to your day, but they also do not fill you up. If you have been worried about how to stop binge eating, snacks that fill you up and which do not contain added sugars can be crucial.

Instead of sugary snacks, choose options like dried fruit with no sugar added, nuts, fresh fruits, and even hard-boiled eggs.

Eat Whole Foods

Whole foods do not have additives or chemicals and their sugar content is naturally occurring. Foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and meat on the bone are whole.

The opposite of whole foods is ultra-processed foods like soft drinks, sugary cereals, fast food, and chips. Almost 90 percent of added sugars Americans consume come from ultra-processed foods.

Substitute as many of the processed foods you consume with whole foods to cut down on sugar.

Buy Unsweetened Food Versions

If you are buying peanut butter or any other nut butter, choose the unsweetened option. Do the same thing with applesauce, canned fruits, and even milk alternatives.

Look for labels that state there are no added sugars and that say unsweetened. Do remember that foods containing alternatives to sugar like plant-based sweeteners are a good option, as well.

Get Healthier With Less Sugar

These are all strategies that can help you find how to cut down on sugar in the most effective ways for you. When you limit sugar intake, you are giving yourself the chance to avoid diseases like diabetes, so why wait any longer? It’s also beneficial to your dental health according to this family dentist in Ballwin MO Start removing sugar from your diet today.

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