Are you struggling with healthy, clear skin? Are you over 25 and still struggling with acne? Well, studies show that 54% of woman and 50% of men over the age of 25 still have to deal with acne.

But it’s annoying and frustrating. Not to mention it can create a lack of self confidence. You may not even want to leave your house because of it!

So what’s causing it? Can dirty hair cause acne? Can not washing hair cause acne?

In this article we dive into the question of whether hair can factor into your acne, so keep reading!

Sweat and Hair

After working out, it’s important to shower right away to rinse the sweat and oil out of your hair. Since the oil that is caused by the sweat can seep down onto your face, it is possible that sweat causes acne if you do not shower right after.

When you do shower, make sure that you wash your hair before your body and face to make sure that the excess sweat isn’t washing back onto your body.

Hair Products

Certain hair products can be a culprit for having acne. Using certain conditioners, spraying detangler or hair spray that can mist onto your face, and using hair mousse can potentially cause your face to break out.

That doesn’t mean you have to do away with it altogether. Instead, consider putting hair spray or mousse on your hand first, then dab it into your hair. This way, you aren’t risking the product potentially getting onto your face.

Another thing to think about: Have you ever cleaned your hair products like a headband? You may want to.

Are you questioning your hair habits? Are you wondering, “does hair gel cause acne?” Well, here are some other mistakes to avoid when it comes to styling and doing your hair.

Shower Habits

When do you usually shower? Morning or night?

It doesn’t matter as much when you shower, but if you do shower in the morning, your hair may have toxins, dirt, grease, and oil build up from the day. Since that may be the case, you should pull your hair back at night so that it doesn’t touch your face.

You never know where your hair is while you sleep, and if it is constantly on your face, you may have acne caused by hair on your face.

So, Can Dirty Hair Cause Acne?

The answer is yes. But that’s not the only thing that can cause acne.

The products that you put in your hair can also cause acne. It’s important to make sure that you avoid products getting onto your face and keep your hair clean and out of your face.

By following these tricks, your acne may clear up a bit.

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