Most people consume cannabis by smoking it, but there are less common methods that are just as enjoyable. 

Smoking may have some downsides, such as the smell, potential lung irritation, or even being too harsh for some folks. Discovering a new method can bring a whole new dimension to your cannabis experience, where you may get higher than ever before. Keep reading for a whole new world of cannabis products.

1. Weed Drinks

If you want to try cannabis in a fun, new way, why not shop weed drinks? Some are fizzy, some are smooth, and they all come with different flavors and strengths-just like your favorite buds.

Next time the heat kicks in, have a taste. They give you the relaxation you want but in a sip-able form.

They’re perfect for social gatherings. Instead of passing a joint around, weed drinks can spice things up a bit. It’s a unique way to enjoy the company of others without smoke in the air.

2. Tasty Edibles

These aren’t your average snacks. Edibles can be cookies, candies, or even chocolate, all cooked with a little cannabis.

Remember to take it slow. These snacks can take a while to do their thing, but when the high comes, it’s intense. Start with a small piece and wait.

3. Vape Pens

You can use a little device called a vape pen to breathe in weed vapor, not smoke. The result is a soft pull that’s easy on the lungs.

They’re not too hard to use. Grab one at a cannabis dispensary and see how easy and smooth they can be.

4. Cannabis Oil

This form of cannabis is brilliant for people who prefer to try marijuana in a more controlled way. Each drop is potent, and because of its concentrated form, you can monitor how much you’re using. It’s a smart choice for beginners trying to find their perfect dose and seasoned users who know exactly how much they need.

What’s great about cannabis oil is its convenience. You can add some oomph to your food with a small drizzle! Any dish can become a weed edible in an instant.

5. Cannabis Lotion

Made by infusing cannabis extracts into a topical base, this product is perfect for slathering on your skin. If you have a specific area of your body that’s sore, tense, or bothersome, cannabis lotion could offer some soothing comfort. These products have a subtle fragrance-or are even scent-free-making them a fantastic choice if you’re looking for something that won’t draw attention to itself.

Another benefit of this product is that it can be part of your skincare routine. Many people using cannabis lotions report improved skin hydration.

More Cannabis Products

Whether you’re sipping on weed drinks or trying tasty edibles, there’s a whole world of cannabis products for you to discover. From vape pens and cannabis oil to soothing cannabis lotion, you have plenty of options for relaxing. Now that you’ve learned about these amazing products, explore our technology articles for tools to enhance your smoking experience and enrich your life.