If you are a part of the 91 percent of households nationwide that have some form of air conditioning, then at some point there will come a time when you need furnace repair. But, how do you know when that time has come? You may not know that you need furnace repair until the problem gets so bad that it makes you uncomfortable in your home.

No one wants to be uncomfortable in their own home, so here are five common signs that you’re having furnace problems that need attention to look out for.

1 Bad Smells Are Coming From Your Furnace

If bad smells are coming from your furnace, then this could be a sign that there is soot buildup in the heat exchanger or in other parts of the machine that come in contact with heat.

Likewise, if you smell something musty coming from your furnace, then this could be a sign of growing mold or mildew. Both furnace problems are cause to call in professionals.

2 Your Energy Bill Is Becoming More Expensive

An increasing energy bill is a sign that your furnace isn’t working efficiently. But, since the costs of energy bills are constantly fluctuating, it may be a while before you are aware there is a problem. So, if you notice an increase in the cost of your energy bill that you can’t explain, then it’s time to contact a furnace repair service.

3 Your Furnace Is Making Unusual Noises

Healthy furnaces may make a consistent whirring noise, but if your furnace starts making strange noises like banging or rattling, then that is cause for concern. If the strange noises persist, then get in touch with a furnace repair service to help identify the problem.

4 There Is Uneven Heating in Your Home

As your furnace ages, it loses its ability to heat the same area correctly. So, if you notice uneven heating in your home, then it’s a sign that you need repairs or a new furnace entirely.

5 You Have Trouble Starting Your Furnace

If you’re having trouble starting up and stopping your furnace, then this is a sign that you’re in need of a furnace repair service.

Likewise, if your thermostat isn’t heating and cooling your home like it used to, then it’s time for a tune-up.

So You Need Furnace Repair: What to Do Next

After you determine that you’re experiencing furnace problems, then the next step is for you to contact a furnace repair company. Also, if your furnace is 15 to 20 years old, then it is time to have professionals replace it with a new one.

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Keep Your Furnace in Good Shape

If you’re experiencing any one of these five problems, then it’s a sign that you need furnace repair.

Follow these tips to keep your furnace working in tip-top shape. If you find this guide helpful, then browse the Lifestyle section of our blog for similar content! We update our blog each day with guides like this one.