As a lawyer, you’re often managing numerous cases at once. From that crushing caseload, you need dependable resources to have on hand.

The right legal office supplies can help you work more efficiently and make the best use of your time. You also want to make sure you’re keeping protective gear on hand.

What legal office supplies should every lawyer have on hand? Keep reading to learn more.

White and Yellow Legal Pads

White legal pads are essential for lawyers who need to take notes in court for an appearance or for note-taking during a deposition or hearing. Legal-size paper provides a space for writing that is unobtrusive and allows lawyers to easily reference their notes or flip through the pages quickly.

Yellow legal pads are also ideal for lawyers who need to create an overview of a case or to jot down key points quickly. The bright color of yellow legal pads stands out more than white and can be used to quickly mark out portions of notes or to make the most important notes easier to reference.

Pens and Pencils

These writing instruments can range from ballpoints and rollerball pens to mechanical pencils. In the event that a document needs to be amended, erasable pens and pencils are great tools to have.

There are different types of pens and pencils available to attorneys, such as prison pen-resistant ink pens, legal parchment pens/pencils, and typewriter pencils. 

File Folders, Custom Tabs, and Side Tab Dividers

Keeping the files in folders and labeling them accordingly with Custom Tabs will allow quick and easy access to any legal information that is needed. Side Tab Dividers are a must-have in office supplies in order to categorize folders, which further helps in easily locating what is needed.

It also allows for the folders to be seen without having to rifle through each individual folder. Law firms often have a great deal of information that is accumulated over time and proper care needs to be taken in order to maintain this information. 

Staplers, Staples, and Paper Clips

Staplers are the most important of these supplies, as attorneys need to bind their documents. Staplers of all sizes can be used, from small desk staplers to industrial staplers that staple up to fifty pages. Staples come in various sizes and should be kept on hand in the event of a stapler jam or malfunction.

Paper clips are also a must-have, as they are ideal for binding smaller piles of paper. A different assortment of paper clips can be used, from traditional wire paper clips to ones with colorful plastic coating.

Office Furniture 

Essential items such as filing cabinets and document storage containers provide an organized area in which to store important paperwork, while a comfortable chair, desk, and other office furniture can help foster a productive and efficient working environment.

Moreover, printers, scanners, and copiers enable attorneys to create, print, and store documents quickly. To make the most of fast printing services, lawyers should ensure they maintain a regular supply.

Restocking Your Legal Office Supplies

Having the right legal office supplies can make or break a lawyer’s success. It is essential for lawyers to always have a good stock of stationery, paperwork, and filing tools on hand in order to go about their day-to-day activities in a smooth and efficient manner. Make sure you have the right supplies in your office so that you can focus on giving your clients the best possible service. 

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