If you’re among the 65.5% of Americans who own a home, you likely are always looking for ways to personalize your space. Individual flair is especially important in home decor because you’re surrounded by your interior design for days. You want to feel comfortable, stylish, and energized.

Using artisan rugs is one of the best ways that you can claim your space and make it your own. Read on to learn some ways that you can find space for and lay down Moroccon or Oriental rugs in any room.

1. Choose the Right Rug

Before you can start decorating with artisan carpets, it’s important that you choose the right rug to fit your space. You’ll need to make sure that it’s of high quality to ensure longevity. You will find such options on this site, so start browsing a little bit to best understand your options.

You don’t want your rug falling apart because of regular wear and tear over time. The best artisan rugs are made to last a lifetime without coming apart or fading.

Make sure that you also appropriately measure your space. Measure the width and the height to calculate the rug’s needed area. Center the rug properly once you get it to ensure that it looks amazing.

2. Go Minimalist in Other Areas

You want your artisan rug to be the central focal point of your space. You also don’t want it to clash with your other decor in terms of either color or pattern.

Since high-quality fine rugs are known for their vibrant hues and intricate patterns, it’s best to pair them with muted-color furniture. If your rug has bright red loops, a black or very muted red couch will match it perfectly. If your rug boasts a pattern constructed with fine lines or floral print, this will stand out when paired with solid muted colors in other parts of the room.

You also may want to invest in simple, minimalist lamps and accents. Their sharp, clean edges will provide a nice contrast to your patterned rug that accentuates all of its best patterns and loops.

3. Pair With Wooden Furniture

Artisan rugs give off a classical, old-fashioned vibe. You don’t want to detract from this aesthetic, so using plastic furniture and cheap lighting is off-limits.

Heavy oak, mahogany, or maple furniture is en vogue, so make sure that you get (or make!) some for the tables and bookshelves that sit in the same room as your rug.

You also can get some soft lighting in the room rather than bright fluorescent bulbs. This will bring out the colors of the rug in the best possible way. It also will make your space feel cozier and more sophisticated. 

Beyond Decorative Artisan Rugs

While there are tons of different ways that you can price up your interior decor, fine decorative rugs are one of the best. They add a pop of both color and texture to your space while not overwhelming it. They also look high-class and give your home decor an air of sophistication.

Now that you know some of the ways to incorporate artisan rugs into your home, it’s time to learn more about cohesive decor. Head over to the “lifestyle” section of our home page and read more under the “home improvement” tab!