Have you ever used the bathroom in a museum or historical home? They’re usually quite charming, if a bit archaic and moldy. The fixtures are out of date, the floors are creaky, and those exposed pipes don’t seem altogether safe.

What if a visitor to your home felt that way about your personal bathroom?

If it has been a while since you’ve last updated your home, there is a very good chance that you’ve gone blind to just how out-of-date your bathroom has become. It might finally be time to remodel your bathroom so that it reflects the current century! While the prospect may seem exciting, we’re sure you’re wondering: is a full bathroom remodel worth all of the time and expense?

Beyond aesthetics, there are many brilliant benefits of a bathroom remodel – and some of them can save (or even make) you a lot of money in the long run! Keep reading to learn seven of the most compelling reasons why remodelling your bathroom can improve the way you live your life.

1.You Will Actually Enjoy Your Space

The bathroom in your home is a pretty utilitarian place. Most people stumble in, half-awake, and go through the motions of their routine with bedhead and blurry eyes. How might your daily routine change if you truly enjoyed the look and layout of the first room you entered every single morning?

A lot of homeowners waffle once they start to ask themselves, “Should I renovate my bathroom?” They may think an aesthetic renovation is selfish, or not the wisest use of money. The truth is that you deserve to love every room in your home, and having a clean, modern space can lift your mood!

Have you ever wanted a real soaking tub where you could read a book and bask in the bubbles? Do you dream of a well-lit vanity mirror where you can get ready in luxury every morning? These amenities are one renovation away.

2.You Can Increase Your Home’s Value

On average, homes with recently remodelled bathrooms sell a lot quicker than homes that are still waiting on an update. When potential buyers visit your home, they are trying to see themselves living there. If your bathroom is depressing and needs work, they’re far more likely to pack up their daydreams and move on to the next open house.

Yes, remodelling right before you plan to sell means investing in a home that you are about to leave. Even so, nearly all homeowners who commit to a remodel can expect a satisfying return on their investment. It’s possible to recoup 100% of the cost of the remodel once your home is on the market.

Even if you’re not selling immediately, a more modern bathroom can only make things easier when you finally decide to move. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the updates in the meantime!

3.Your Home Can Become More Energy Efficient

With any remodel comes an update to your systems and appliances. If you haven’t touched your plumbing, wiring, and lighting since you moved in, you are probably paying a lot more than you need to for water and electricity. The most up-to-date systems are energy efficient – which makes them great for the environment, and even better for your wallet.

Some changes might include low-flow showerheads and toilets, which shouldn’t affect your water pressure at all. Switching to LED lighting means changing bulbs less often, and saving money on every utility bill.

4.You Can Make More Space

If you’re dealing with a small space, you might be more inclined to wonder, “why remodel the bathroom?” Modern bathroom layouts value space, and your bathroom renovation might help you transform your cramped water closet into a room where you can stretch out and luxuriate!

The key to optimizing space during a remodel is to work with a renovation company that specialises in design. A company like https://bathroomremodelingmiamidade.com/can help you see the possibilities in a cramped bathroom. They have access to space-efficient fixtures that can totally transform the look of the lavatory.

If your bathroom is feeling claustrophobic, a few tweaks to the layout can help you breathe easier. A great renovation company can see all of the possibilities and will provide you with options. You’ll never be able to see that tight half-bath the same way again!

5.You Can Spruce Up Your Storage Solutions

Clutter is one thing that kills the look and feel of even the most beautiful space. Over time, you will get used to the look of clutter on the ledges, racks, and shelves. Imagine how much more relaxed you’d feel if all of those towels, bottles, and bath toys suddenly had a home.

A current trend in home renovation is custom storage. Designers work with homeowners to implement custom solutions to their unique storage problems. The intention is for the design itself to solve these problems and make life easier for the person living in the space.

For example, are you looking for a dedicated space to store your towels and other bathroom linens? Do you need a hook where you can hang robes or dressing gowns in a shared living space? Would a built-in place to store the items for your morning routine help you keep the sink area clear?

Custom storage is the most contemporary way to eliminate clutter and improve the way you function in your space. In a room like a bathroom, which you use multiple times per day, these solutions can make your life a lot easier!

6.You Will Feel Safer in the Bathroom

It may sound funny when you hear it this way, but bathrooms are dangerous. Slipping and falling is a major cause of injury and death, even in able-bodied individuals. Archaic fixtures like exposed hot water pipes or heaters can lead to burns or even fires.

In any space where you use both water and electricity, it’s important to keep things up to date. Are your outlets holding up when exposed to so much moisture? Are fixtures loosening and threatening to fall?

Technology has come a long way, and there are so many newer, safer fixtures and appliances. Often, scientists design these modern devices specifically to hold up to water and steam. As a bonus, they will often last longer.

If you are aging, a remodel is a great way to install safety features that are organically incorporated into the design. Rather than adding in mismatched handrails or aftermarket shower stools, you can plan for accessible design. These are more pleasing to the eye and will help you feel a sense of dignity as you age in place.

7.You Can Make It Feel More Like Your Own

Unless you built your home from the ground up, there is a good chance that you had to compromise at some point. Maybe the house you bought didn’t have the right number of bedrooms or the perfect kitchen layout. Likewise, many, many homeowners settle for a bathroom that isn’t quite perfect because the rest of the house meets their needs.

How long have you been living with that compromise? If you’ve spent years dreaming about a clawfoot bathtub, a different layout, or a vintage pedestal sink, why wait any longer? Home renovation is a great way to express yourself through aesthetic and design choices, and your bathroom is an excellent canvas!

In a perfect world, how do you imagine utilizing your bathroom? Can you imagine having a relaxing space where you can luxuriate at the end of a long day? There is no reason why you can’t transform your space so that it serves the function that you need to live your best life.

If you allow your home to reflect your priorities and ideas, you will make better use of every single part of it. There is no reason why you should exclude the bathroom! Personalize, customize, and dream to your heart’s content!

Remodel Your Bathroom, Change Your Life!

From saving money to luxuriating in style, there are so many brilliant bathroom remodel advantages just waiting to be claimed and embraced! You will feel calmer, safer, and happier in one of the most frequently used rooms in your entire home. Think ahead to that first luxurious bath in your brand new tub and you won’t be able to wait to remodel your bathroom at last!

Once you begin to renovate, you might not be able to stop! Check out the rest of the blog for more posts on homes and real estate that might inspire your next big change!