Did you know that 27 percent of homeowners plan on spending as much as $24,000 on kitchen remodeling? Also, about 35 percent decided to do so as an investment as kitchen remodels promise an 81 percent return on investment!

Beyond kitchen remodeling, homeowners are also paying close attention to the finer details of their kitchens. More specifically, more and more people want to create a kitchen with a cozy vibe.

Read on to find out six cozy kitchen ideas that you can to your home!

1. Upgrade to Multifunctional Fixtures

Gone are the days when people find displayed kitchen wares homey and stylish. Today, having too many kitchen tools and equipment on sight make your kitchen look messy rather than homey. So instead, open spaces are the new homey kitchen style trend to follow.

Thus, we recommend decluttering your kitchen by reducing your decorations. This is especially true for the countertops.

Hanging too many pots and pans overhead will give a crowded look. While multiple layered overhead cabinets will make your kitchen look small.

The key to giving your kitchen a cleaner look is to use multifunctional kitchen fixtures. This pertains not only to your furniture but also to your kitchen tools and equipment.

The lesser the fixtures, the smaller the space occupied. Hence, the cleaner your kitchen will be.

Aside from kitchen fixtures, it’s also best to keep your decorations to a minimum. For instance, one flower vase is enough for the average size of kitchen tables.

Go easy on the kitchen textiles as well. Draping table cloths won’t give the cozy-elegant vibe you’re hoping for.

2. Bring Color to Your Kitchen Walls

After decluttering, continue making a warm cozy kitchen vibe with a paint job. Incorporate a warm character into your kitchen with freshly painted walls or ceilings.

Examples of warm colors include yellow and orange combinations. These give off a bright and positive kitchen look that can appeal to your guests. You can also go for cool shades of blue and green for a calm atmosphere.

Never underestimate the power of neutral colors such as white and gray. When partnered with a good selection of undertones, they can create a cozy kitchen.

Nowadays, dark and deep-colored shades such as red, gold, and warm hue, make a modern but cozy kitchen. Consider painting one wall a bold and darker color. Meanwhile, use subdued colors on the other parts to give your kitchen a bit more flair.

3. Give a Cozy Atmosphere in Your Kitchen with Lights!

Another way to make a modern cozy kitchen is to redo your existing lighting fixtures. Functional and direct lighting is a must in kitchens. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no rooms for sprucing your kitchen with modern styles.

There are various kitchen lighting designs available, ranging from geometrical to complex-shaped ones. Find what best fits the concept you’re going for, and don’t be afraid to go for more pronounced designs.

For a relaxed kitchen atmosphere, choose lighting fixtures made of rattan or wood. Also, adding a few softer lightings in the corner of your kitchen won’t do you harm.

More importantly, leverage natural lighting. Drop the heavy and dark-colored kitchen drapes and bring more sunlight into the room.

If you insist on your privacy, sheer drapes and panels are a great choice. These provide a layer of protection while still allowing light to flow into the room.

4. Add a Piece of Nature

Once you install cozy kitchen lighting, make your kitchen even cozier with plants. A cozy kitchen doesn’t only pertain to a warm-looking kitchen space. It also refers to the sense of soul and feeling one gets upon entering the room.The best way to make your kitchen feel alive is to add a natural touch.

Herbs like oregano, basil, rosemary, and mint, along with other edible plants, are a good choice. This way, you get to decorate your kitchen and have a fresh supply of herb ingredients.

If you’re not up for fresh plants, dried flowers are some trendy kitchen decors to try. The brown shade of dried plants gives a nice natural and homey feel to your kitchen.

5. Kitchen with a View

If you’re up for more modern cozy kitchen ideas, give your kitchen a view. Glass walls are a practical and visually-effective Kitchen Renovations today. In addition, they provide physical, emotional, and even monetary benefits to homeowners.

Operating in well-lit rooms, for instance, can enhance your productivity. Not only do you get a clear vision that helps prevent kitchen mishaps, but you can also avoid eye strain. In addition, the brightness in the room can also create a positive atmosphere which can improve your mood.

Using a glass wall can also help you save money. As you get more natural light, you won’t be using as many electric lights. Hence, you can expect a lower electricity bill.

It doesn’t have to be a whole wall. A panoramic window on your front wall will give as much lighting and a cozy vibe. Glass sliding doors are also enough to create a spacious and modern atmosphere in your kitchen.

6. Complete Your Cozy Kitchen with Comfortable Seating

A great view and good lighting are nothing compared to comfortable seating. After all, you want your kitchen to feel cozy as you’ll spend a lot of time there. Hence, consider buying cushioned seats with wide backs for a comfortable dining experience.

If you have space in your kitchen, center your cushioned seating around an in-eat table. This is a simple way to cozy up your kitchen, as the area gives off an intimate atmosphere. Further, adding seating to your kitchen can make a great spot for treating homemade cocktails to your guests.

Give These Cozy Kitchen Ideas A Try!

Using kitchen rags and adding a funky art wall can also make a cozy kitchen atmosphere. Indeed, there are plenty more ways to give a cozy vibrance to your kitchen, but these six are the basics that you need to cover. Hence, make sure to give these cozy kitchen ideas a try before proceeding to a more detailed renovation.

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