Your home is your castle and we all love nothing more than upgrading our living space, both inside and out. The great Aussie summer is already upon us and that is the right time to think about outdoor features, and with that in mind, here are a few cool ideas to boost your home’s curb appeal.

  1. Water fountain – Centrally located, with LED lighting, a water fountain adds character to any garden; that piece of land with the tree stump would be ideal and with tree stump removal in Gold Coast, everything is possible! Talk to a landscape gardener about water features and they can show you some stunning images of previous projects. Connecting up to the mains and installing a small pump is well within the capabilities of a landscaper and with concealed LED lighting, your new feature will look amazing.
  2. Bali hut – The online supplier has a range of authentic Bali huts that are made in the factory and assembled on-site. Ideal for that shaded corner, you can add lots of options to make it the perfect relaxation corner and with the right treatment, your new Bali hut will stand the test of time. A Google search is all it takes to connect with Australia’s leading Bali hut supplier and with a range of sizes and styles, all at affordable prices, which are fully inclusive.
  3. Fishpond & rockery – If there is a spot in the garden that is shaded and quiet, why not raise a few koi carp; your local landscape gardener can design and build a pond with a small stream and running water. Fibreglass fishponds are inexpensive and with a visit to your local nursery, you can choose the right flora and fauna and create a uniquely peaceful corner of pure nature. Click here for reasons to choose vinyl flooring for your home.
  4. Crazy paving – If you would like to add character to your home, what better way than a crazy paved terrace with matching pathways with covered arches? The Olde Worlde look is perfect with a well-manicured lawn and roses around the edges. Chic fabric awnings and tasty outdoor furniture and you have the perfect Al Fresco terrace. Ground-level spotlights create a warm and inviting ambience and when you fancy hosting a party, bring out the BBQ and connect the fairy lights!
  5. Flower wall – Easy to make; choose a section and create a timber frame and drape garden netting (green) and tie pots in random places, again, you can get creative with illumination and as the creepers grow, knit them into the netting to create flowing movement. Orchids are a great species for a flower wall; you can use this to screen anything that isn’t visually appealing.

Your outdoor living space is every bit as important as the interior and with a few creative features, you can boost your home’s curb appeal.