Home additions are a great way to increase your house’s value and square footage. The type of addition you choose can affect the amount of value it adds to your home. For a primary suite, your return on investment (ROI) could range from 22.7% to 30.2%. 

Are you considering adding a new room to your house? Partnering with an experienced general contractor is key to the success of your project. Read on as we discuss the top five benefits of embarking on this home renovation project. 

1. Personalize Your Space

Don’t give up your bedroom or living room space if you need an area to play your music or create a home office. Add a room to your house that’s dedicated to whatever purpose you choose without sacrificing other areas in your home. 

You can also personalize the home addition depending on what you’re planning on doing with the room. This can include adding soundproofing or additional insulation. 

2. Bring in Extra Income

Opt to add extra living space to your house, including a bathroom and/or kitchenette, to increase your passive income. You can choose to install an external door in the home addition so tenants don’t have to go through your personal space to get to theirs. 

3. Make Space for Your Family

There might come a time in your life when you could want one of your parents or other family members to live with you. Instead of purchasing a new space and moving, make your life easier by adding a room. 

A general contractor will let you know if you have the outdoor space to accommodate an addition. We recommend following tips for hiring a general contractor when selecting a professional that’ll help you make the best decisions for your needs and budget. 

4. Add Storage

You might have a lot of treasured belongings that you don’t have space for in your permanent housing. Don’t get rid of things that you care deeply about. Some of these items can include:

  • Toys 
  • Sports equipment
  • Clothing
  • Boots

Create a place to put everything by adding a room to your home. You can find your items more easily without cluttering the rest of your house. Explore custom cabinetry and shelving to install in your room addition. 

5. Avoid Moving

As we mentioned before, many people decide to move homes when they need to accommodate extra family members or outgrow their space. You’ll encounter additional costs and stress when moving, such as:

  • Increasing your work commute
  • Moving your children’s school 
  • Packing and unpacking your belongings

Designing and constructing a new room does take time. However, adding a room to your home can be less disruptive and expensive than moving to an entirely new space. 

Get Help When Adding a New Room to Your House

Adding a new room to your home is a wonderful way to make your house work for you. Not only will you increase its value and square footage, but you’ll create a space that’s uniquely yours. 

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