Kitchen islands are one of the top additions you can install in your home. From a practical standpoint, you have more workspace. It can function as an entertaining space or a place to sit and have a snack.

It can add value to your home if you have the right kitchen island design.

If you want to wow them, you need to have an impressive kitchen island style.

Take a look at this guide as we share four brilliant kitchen island design ideas that are sure to impress anyone who walks into your kitchen.

1. Function and Fashion

If you really want to have a kitchen island that works and looks great, you need to think about the size. A kitchen island that’s too small won’t look right in the home.

A large kitchen island leaves little room to sit. It doesn’t give you that much room to move while you’re cooking. It’s even worse if you have someone helping you in the kitchen.

Measure out the amount of space you need for the kitchen island. Then look at the style and architecture throughout the home.

You’ll want to use hardware above the island that matches the rest of the home. If you have an industrial look in the kitchen and a nautical look in other rooms, they won’t blend well.

2. Cover the Entire Island

One of the most unused kitchen island ideas is to wrap the island in the same material as the top. It makes a visual impact that most people don’t expect.

If you already have a pantry, it shouldn’t be a concern.Your kitchen island will give the space a modern look.

3. Timeless Materials

You don’t have to use quartz as the main material for the kitchen island. A granite kitchen island isn’t necessary, either.

You can get other materials like large format porcelain slabs, limestone, or slate to give your kitchen island style while maintaining durability.

4. Utilize Space Under and Around the Kitchen Island

Are you looking to sell your home soon? It might help to know that 85% of home buyers want large pantries for more storage space.

The exterior of the island can contain shelves that are perfect for displaying cookbooks.

Underneath the kitchen island, incorporate features like a pullout spice rack and rotating racks. This adds plenty of function and style to the kitchen island design.

Make the Most of These Kitchen Island Design Ideas

A kitchen is a gathering place in the home. The right kitchen island design gives

These kitchen island design ideas should give you the inspiration to get the perfect kitchen island.

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