Festive season is just around the corner, and that means everyone is desperately searching for the perfect gifts for their loved ones. With this being said, no one wants to buy a useless gift that sits in a drawer collecting dust. Instead, why not buy someone something that could actually make their life a whole lot easier? There are so many great gifts out there to satisfy the needs of the practical person in your life. Whether it helps them cook, clean, or do any other chore under the sun, it’s sure to be appreciated. Read on to discover the top useful Christmas gifts for practical people.

Robot Vacuum

First up is a robot vacuum. These machines are built using custom battery packs, powering them to roam around the home and collect dust. Vacuuming is the sixth most hated chore, and if you can remove this burden from someone’s life, that may be one of the greatest gifts of them all. Robot vacuums can range anywhere from $50 to $2000, allowing you to choose a solution that’s suited to your budget. Despite this, the impact that it’ll have on someone’s life who hates vacuuming will be priceless. There are plenty of brands and models on the market for you to choose from.

Bag Hanger

When in a restaurant, bar, or café, there are often limited spaces where bags can be hung, leaving you with no choice but to place your bag on the floor. A lightweight bag hanger solves all these problems, acting as large keychain hook that can be latched onto chairs, bathroom stall doors, and more. The device is nonslip, meaning it can protect up to 33 pounds from touching the floor. You can also easily attach an umbrella to the hanger, allowing you to quite literally prepare for a rainy day.

Microwaveable Bowl

Microwaves are a staple of the modern kitchen; however, not everyone has the equipment to complement the microwave. More often than not, people will place their ceramic crockery into the microwave, resulting in the plate coming out hotter than the food. What’s more, if you’re not quick to grab a dish towel or an oven glove, you’ll burn your hands. Therefore, a bowl that was specifically designed for the microwave is the perfect solution. Silicone bowls are the preferred choice as these are collapsible, too, allowing for efficient storage. Bonus points are also available for silicone bowls with vented lids, facilitating the heating of your food without the risk of injury.

All-in-One Pan

All-in-one pans are the perfect gifts for home chefs and foodies, and there are so many to choose from on the market. Ideally, you want something that steams, braises, pan fries, and more. Some of the best options will also have a built-in spatula rest for efficiency, as well as spouts that allow you to pour away excess liquid without mess. Meanwhile, a nesting basket that doubles as a colander is always handy. An all-in-one pan isn’t only ideal for every day use, but it’s also perfect for traveling, enabling you to pack lightly.

Photo Storage Drive

Last but not least, a photo storage drive is perfect for those who always seem to use up their phone storage. In addition to backing up their phone, this device also acts as a charger, allowing the user to recharge their phone and sync their photos and videos all at the same time. This can be purchased for Apple and Android devices alike, making it easy to back up photos for smartphone users in every capacity. Buy a gift that helps make memories.