The Viking Age and its amazing mythology date back to around 800 AD and the Vikings were around for more than 300 years! While they are long gone now, their mythology, legacy, and symbolism have stood the test of time.

In fact, you can still find a lot of Nordic and Viking influences in jewelry around the world. Viking rings don’t just look impressive, they also carry significant meanings.

If you’re interested in buying Viking rings for men, understanding the meaning of different runes will help you find the perfect ring for you. So read on now to find out everything you need to know about runes used on men’s Viking rings.

Runes Associated With Power and Success

The Fehu rune (ᚠ) represents power and control. It is also associated with new beginnings and financial success.

The Othala rune (ᛟ) is also linked to concepts like wealth and success. However, this rune focuses more on enriching experiences, such as culture and family, rather than financial wealth.

Lucky Runes

The Uruz rune (ᚢ) is also associated with power. However, this is a type of power that you cannot own or control. Because of this, it is also associated with luck for the future and healing.

The Teiwaz (ᛏ) rune is associated with success without sacrifice, particularly when it comes to justice. It takes its name from the Norse warrior god, Tyr.

Ehwaz (ᛖ) is also associated with success. However, this rune focuses on the power we have to achieve success and the importance of setting clear intentions.

Protective Runes

Thurisaz Viking runes (ᚦ) represent the power to resist conflict passively. These runes are often associated with protection or defense.

If you are looking for protective runes, then you should also check out Eihwaz (ᛇ). This rune is associated with magical protection as you move from one stage of life into another.

Guiding Runes

Ansuz (ᚬ) is linked with stability and the creation of order within life. The Wunjo (ᚹ) also centers around balance, fellowship, and well-being within a chaotic time. So this is considered a very lucky rune to come across.

Some other guiding runes you may come across include:

  • ᚲ Kenaz
  • ᚺ Hagalaz
  • ᚾ Naudhiz
  • ᛁ Isa
  • ᛃ Jera
  • ᛊ Sowulo

These runes make a great gift for someone going through a change in their life.

Runes Associated With Connection

Speaking of gifts, Gebo (ᚷ) literally represents the connection that you create when exchanging gifts. This is a way of honoring your relationship with them.

The Mannaz rune (ᛗ) is also associated with connection and shared experiences between people.

So if you are looking to give someone you love a Viking ring, these are great runes to choose. In that case, click for Viking rings now to find a stunning gift for your loved one.

Find Viking Rings With a Symbolic Meaning to Suit You

As you can as see, the runes that you find on Viking rings give them important meanings. So, you should think about more than just the aesthetic of a Viking ring before you buy it! This will help you find a ring that looks amazing and means something to you.

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