According to Fatema Mernissi, skin can beget a political outrage. However, for most people, the skin is the victim of acne and other sudden, uninvited breakouts. That brings out an outrage in most people too. When your skin is getting on your nerves by giving birth to mountains and craters, decide to pamper it by cleansing, toning, and hydrating it.

There is no miracle when it comes down to curing skin issues. If you take the initiative to invest your precious time and much-needed efforts, then you will find noticeable positive changes in your skin.

Do you know what clogs the pores on your supposed-to-be flawless skin? Wearing makeup all day does. You should try to put on minimum makeup every day. Even if you do wear heavy makeup, you should clean it up before going to bed.

What are the skincare products that need to be used before makeup during the wedding season?

An outfit for a wedding might go out of fashion, that is, lose its trending position. But, moisturizers, toners, and other makeup products will never be outdated. They will always be useful for your skincare regime during makeup. We have attached the list of such beneficial products below.

●  Moisturizers

There are separate moisturizers for separate skin types. Do a little bit of research to find the most appropriate one for your skin. Having done that, apply it on your skin after you have washed your face properly and before you have applied any makeup.

●   Primers

Just like you would brainstorm bridesmaid lehenga ideas for your sister’s or best friend’s wedding, you need to brainstorm on how you can prepare your skin for the makeup that you would put on during special occasions like the wedding.

Now, to help you out, we have done the brainstorming and chanced upon the decision that you must use a primer. A primer would even the skin, that is, would allow the appliance of foundation to be done smoothly so that all fine lines are filled. Primers are like armors for makeup battles.

●   Foundations and concealers

You have to invest in a foundation. Why? Because it lays the base where you can put on makeup. Lastly, you would definitely need a concealer to hide your acne scars and other blemishes. These products are a must for all those glammed-up beauties who want to conceal their dark circles.

What are the easy ways that would prepare your skin for everyday makeup routine?

1. Start using a cleanser

The journey of having smooth, soft skin starts when you start washing your face every morning with lukewarm water. After you have washed it, put on a cleanser to even out your skin tone. There are some rules that need to be followed while choosing the most suitable cleanser for your skin type.

What are those? Choose a cleanser that balances the pH level of your natural skin. If your face is prey to endless acne, choose an acidic cleanser. If you are dealing with sensitive skin on a daily basis, look for a cleanser that has glycolic acid.

2. Use an exfoliator followed by a serum or a toner

Getting rid of the dead skin cells that have hatched upon your face is the biggest challenge for any skincare regime. This can only be done by using a gentle exfoliator. Now that you are exfoliating your face, do consider doing the same to your neck so that makeup blends well. After all, it is a face, not a mask.

The next step after exfoliation is toning. Toner is a must for people with oily skin whereas serum is a must for people with dry skin. Toning is another word for skin hydration. You can’t neglect it at any cost.

3. Apply eye cream

The most common problem faced by people of our generation is walking around with eyes that don’t make you look alive or awake. Hence, applying a thin eye cream will resolve this disastrous problem.

Enough attention has been paid to some of the best pre-makeup skincare routines. Now, let us discuss –

What are the best post makeup skincare steps to be followed diligently?

Skincare isn’t complete until you have rinsed it off through steps that won’t cause any harm. Healthy skin is a combination of pre-makeup skincare routine and posts makeup skincare routine.

  1. The primary step is to apply a cleanser that contains oil in it. You can make a massage mixture by mixing olive and coconut and massage your skin
  2. with it. You can also use grapeseed instead of coconut. Also, after you have done the massage ritual, you need to wash away the carrier oil by using a wet cloth.
  3. If any trace of oil is still there, apply a cleanser that is water-based in the subsequent step.
  4. Your post makeup skincare isn’t over till you have shown some attention towards your lips. One easy way to make your signature pout more plump is by applying a simple, sassy lip balm that matches a no-makeup look.

What are the two miscellaneous pre-makeup skincare tips for special days like a day out on valentine’s day?

  • Your skin might appear to be puffy at times. So, use face masks after you have toned your skin to get less puffy, soft skin on your special day.
  • Another tip for you would be to use face oil post face masking. The face oil would soak in all the moisture and give a glow to your skin.

Your skin represents you. In a way, your usage of makeup does too. Therefore, invest in the right products and the right procedures which you have come to know about from this article. Why are you still here? Go and implement your new pre and post makeup skincare regime.