The more things change, the more they stay the same. That adage is true when it comes to fashion, too.

While some trends come and go, design elements that were in fashion decades ago also happen to look like they’re having a comeback. Vintage rhinestone jewelry is more in vogue than it’s been in decades.

Are you a vintage jewelry collector? Have you gotten inspiration for how to style vintage rhinestone accessories?

If so, here are some tips and tricks to try out. Read along to learn more!

Update the Style 

In 2023, a savvy fashionista should begin by experimenting with unique styling options. Layering is an easy way to add an exciting twist to any look. For example, a pair of statement earrings can be easily paired with a bolder necklace.

It can also add volume to any look. Color blocking is also a great way to bring a dash of modernity to rhinestoned jewelry. Use bright and contrasting hues to give a more modern look.

To ensure versatility, style the jewel with garments of various silhouettes. Additionally, accessories should be kept minimal to let the natural beauty of vintage jewelry take the stage. 

Pair It With Casual Looks

When pairing, look for pieces that embrace color and intricate details, such as multicolored statement earrings, bright necklaces, and bold rings for a cute ’60s vibe. Tone down the look by mixing modern shapes and colors with the vintage pieces, ie. juxtaposing a pair of classic chandelier earrings with a ribbed linen top or a solid color silk tank.

To create seamless transitions, layer a few necklaces in different lengths. For extra coolness and to feel trend-forward, opt for vintage-inspired statement rings with bold designs and colored stones. Finally, tie the entire look together with embellished chain bracelets and a subtle clutch. 

Add Texture 

One option is to use a variety of antiqued metals combined with oxides, dyes, and even lacquers to give a unique and eye-catching look to the piece. Another way to add texture is to apply tiny pieces of rhinestone to the surface. To do this, use tweezers to apply carefully and evenly spaced rhinestones to the surface.

This will create a unique sparkle and depth to the item. Additionally, you can use small grits of sandpaper to scratch the metal surface to create a unique, vintage look. Finally, using pearls or beads to match the color of the rhinestone will create a cohesive and stylish piece. 

Layer Up 

Start with a classic statement piece like a necklace or ring. Then add two or three additional pieces, like earrings, bracelets, or anklets, in similar colors to create a cohesive layer. For maximal shine, choose pieces with unique cuts like geometric or diamond-cut rhinestones or you can get custom made jewelry appointments here for a minimal or any design that you want for the jewelry.

To achieve a timeless look, limit the amount of larger pieces that you layer, as having too many large pieces can give the look a cluttered feel. For a more playful look, try laying out smaller pieces like thin necklaces and bangle bracelets. 

Wear the Best Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry Today

In 2023, vintage rhinestone jewelry is sure to make a comeback. With these tips, you can confidently mix old and new to create a stunning look.

Experiment to find the perfect balance of glam, vintage charm, and modern trends. Why wait? Make the most of vintage jewelry and start styling your look today!

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