Indian weddings are known for their beauty routines. Weddings have always been the most awaited day of every Indian girl. On your special day, you wish to look at the most beautiful women around, and this is not more you are asking for. There are various beauty products around in the market which you can use for clear bright skin. But serums have always been the first choice of every Indian bride to embrace their look on the D-day. These beauty oils are becoming more trendy day by day. Serums deserve the same position as Lenghas have during the wedding time.

Serums are now a must-have for a woman’s daily beauty routine. They are quite essential if you are soon going to become a bride. In Indian weddings, pre-wedding rituals play a vital role. Your face should always look fresh and active during all these rituals, and this is where serum’s role comes into play. These sinful aromatic oils are the ultimate food for your skin. The main reason why serums are becoming more popular day by day is that they are non-sticky, lightweight, and can also hold down your other drugstore products. Well, your makeup kit is considered to be incomplete without these face oils or serums. There are innumerable benefits of applying them on your face like they provide your skin an even tone, bring a bold look, avoid the appearance of fine lines, and nourish skin deeply. There are uncountable numbers of benefits of using serums. Let’s discuss the benefits of using serums followed by the list of serums that the brides should get their head-on.

Advantages of Using Serums

This section will talk about some of the advantages of using serums.

  • Serums help in treating breakouts of our skin.
  • Using serum regularly will give us an even tone and glowing skin.
  • Serum removes dead skin cells and excessive oil from our skin.
  • These facial oils help in fighting the deformities of the skin.
  • Serums have anti-aging properties.
  • Nighttime serums are best known for their skin rejuvenating factor.

List of Serums that the brides should get their hand on

In this section, we will be talking about some of the serums that the brides should get their hands on. Here we start off with the list.

  • The Estee Lauder
  • Clarins
  • The body shop oils of life
  • Kiehls’
  • Indulgeo Essential – Rose Gold Oil.
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Clinique

Here is a brief description of all of these serums.

1. The Estee Lauder

This is the best skincare product of many fashion bloggers because it comes with advanced night skincare abilities. This luxe lotion is infused with 24K gold flakes that instantly sink into the skin and provides it a healthy and radiant glow. This serum is known for its ability to provide an oil-free texture with a matte finish look. The skin tonic is used before makeup application by many makeup artists for a seamless and fresh makeup finish. The serum is very lightweight and easily absorbs into the skin leaving zero residues behind. Imagine, you being in your Wedding Gown, with this beautiful texture on your face.

2. Clarins

Clarins is a very famous firm for skincare products. One of the best products of Clarins is its serum which is exclusively used by many skincare stylists. The potion is a mixture of many rare herbs which are naturally found on earth. It is a mixture of geranium, lotus extracts, rosemary, and many other ingredients which can easily repair the deformity in your skin if any. The tonic is well known for its abilities to refine the skin texture, tighten pores, and purify the skin from deep inside which gives it a radiant and healthy glow. The serum is also very lightweight and easily absorbent which prevents fine lines and locks the moisture of the skin deep inside. It also provides the skin its natural moisture which is necessary for a healthy glow.

3. The Body Shop – Oils of Life

Well, this “The Body Shop – Oils of Life” is probably the best serums down in the market nowadays. The best thing to notice about this serum is that it is fully organic and thus you can feel free to use this. The second thing which you should notice about this serum is that it is made to revitalize and repair skin from deep inside. Who wishes for an ugly, wrinkled face on her wedding day, literally no one? Thus, use this serum for smooth skin. It is also known for its ability to make skin look healthy and fresh.You can apply any sort of makeup above it without working about its reducing effect.The plum present inside the serum is known for giving a velvet soft finish to your skin.

4. Kiehls’

So, here comes the best from the list – Kiehls’ serum. This is the best night serum you should apply on your face before the wedding day. The serum is made from natural herbs and oils and known for its ability to make skin rejuvenating. The main ingredients of the serum are ginger root oil, tamanu, and sunflower oil. The serum will fix all the damaged cells from your face and give your skin a brilliant and energetic look. As mentioned above, it is night-use serum because it takes time to show its capabilities. The Kiehl’s serum will also moisturize your skin from deep so that it becomes easy to remove the dry patches. This midnight recovery concentrate is very beneficial for your skin to get an amazing glow.

5. Indulgeo Essential – Rose Gold Oil

We all know how gold can instantly maximize the glow on our skin. So, here comes the Indulgeo Essential serum with gold and rose extracts to give you beautiful and glowing skin. The serum contains 24K gold chips and oil from rose petals which are considered best for skin health as marked by many fashion bloggers. The serum is best known for its ability to rejuvenate skin from deep instantly and with minimal effort. The serum will also hold your other makeup comfortably.

6. Bobbi Brown

This Bobbi Brown serum is formulated to balance the sebum levels of your skin.The tonic is also used to increase the cell turnover which is essential to smooth down the pores of the skin. If you want a smooth, clear, and glowing face on your wedding day, then you should go with this serum.

7. Clinique

Well, this oil can be used to fix small deformities on your skin instantly. It comes with a triple antioxidant blend which can easily cure the broken and dead cells of the skin. The serum is also known for its anti-aging properties. To regain the natural plumpness of the skin, you can go with this serum. Its natural ingredients can easily refine the fine lines to give smooth, glowing skin naturally.

So, here were some of the best serums which you can use for smooth glowing skin. These were some of the best serums that the brides should get their hand on. They have a great advantage, which you definitely want for your wedding day. All the best for your wedding journey, and don’t forget to review this article in the comment section below.