Don’t you miss the nostalgia of arts and crafts? Everything is online now – it seems hobbies of the past are becoming lost on today’s generation. Such artistic ventures bring about a sense of wistfulness and enable memories and experiences to be personalised. 

Below are three nostalgic arts and crafts concepts we think you’ll love – and you don’t need to be artistic to do them!

A Modern Photo Book from Social Media Snaps

Well, let’s face it – everything is digital. We might as well start with a digital way of doing arts and crafts. Most of our unforgettable moments are scattered over different social media platforms. 

That tends to make these digital memories feel less permanent and nostalgic. But did you know you can bring it into the real world with a social media page turned into a photo book? It’s really easy to do if you use websites like

Start by choosing the pictures you love most from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. It would be great if you could add some personal touches like captions that recall jokes told at that time or quotes. You can really make these books your own!

Reviving Handwritten Letters as an Art Form

This idea is different – we guarantee people would not have expected this one as an arts and crafts idea. 

There’s something quaintly nostalgic about handwriting letters during this era, where emails and instant messaging dominate communication channels worldwide– it’s also got its unique charm. There’s no simplicity and charm left in the world! And these letters can become a beautiful keepsake for people. 

To get started on this craft, choose high-quality stationery that can serve as bespoke or hand-made paper products for adding a personal touch and using fountain pens. If anything, we’d say the pen you use will matter the most. If you don’t know how to do calligraphy, you can get calligraphy sets aimed at making writing look more elegant, and some of them come with guides on how to write in that style. Practice before you try the real thing!

DIY Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is one of the most fun DIY projects – a minimal skill-required idea that gives you something beautiful to look back on. It involves cutting, pasting, and decorating while combining various crafting skills to preserve memories creatively. 

Select a theme like family vacations or friendship journeys, then gather pieces like photos, ticket stubs, dry flowers, etc. They’ll help you tell a story and create a beautifully designed book. Once you get started, you won’t be able to stop – and you’ll see how easy it is! You can buy plain scrapbooks online for cheap.

These arts and crafts ideas are the perfect way to pick up a new hobby and get creative. And, as you can see from the ideas, you don’t necessarily need to be artistic to do them – a common misconception with arts and crafts. You only have to enjoy being creative! What would you say is your favourite arts and crafts idea?