Carole Ann Boone attests to the fact that even the devil is charming. Her relationship with one of the most well-known serial killers of all time garnered media attention when it became the focus of one of the most widely followed trials in history. Many documentaries, films, and novels have been written about the life and crimes of one of America’s most infamous serial murderers, Ted Bundy. His relationship with Carole Ann Boone stands out among the numerous parts of his life because it is special and complex.

This article provides a thorough understanding of the criminal history by examining Carole Ann Boone, her relationship with Ted Bundy, and other relevant subjects.

Profile Overview

Full NameCarole Ann Boone
Gender Female 
Age 70 years (at the time of death)
BirthdayYear 1947 
Date of DeathJanuary 2018 
Zodiac signCapricorn 
Hometown Olympia, Washington, USA
Nationality American
Marital status Divorced 
Profession Homemaker 
No.of Children Two
Body measurements in inches35-27-36
Ex-Partner NameTheodore Robert Bundy
Ethnicity White
Sexual Orientation Straight 
Eye colorBrown shade 
Hair colorDark Brown 
Weight55 kg

Background History

In all respects, Carole Anne Boone had the same general appearance as any other Washington state lady in the 1980s. However, behind her modest façade lay a lady whose celebrity would make her stick out in any crowd. Carole Ann Boone harbored feelings for Ted Bundy, the infamous serial killer.

The criminal’s spouse passed away in January 2018, according to reports. She was born in Olympia, Washington, in 1947. Although Carole Ann Boone’s actual birth date is uncertain, she was 70 years old when she passed away. 

While Falling for a Killer, a new documentary series on Amazon Prime, primarily follows Ted Bundy’s ex-girlfriend Liz Kendall (also known as Elizabeth Kloepfer). It includes an exclusive interview with her, and also explores another significant romantic relationship in Bundy’s life: his marriage to Carole Ann Boone.

She was the notorious serial killer’s right-hand lady, and up until the point when he was put on death row, she genuinely thought the man was innocent. Well you see everything you need to know about Carole Ann Boone and her connection to Bundy is provided here.

How and When did Carole and Ted Bundy meet? 

In 1974, Bundy assisted in the search for several of the women he had killed while the two were employed at the Washington State Department of Emergency Services. 1947 marked the first meeting between the horrific serial killer and his former lover and wife. At the Department of Emergency Services in Olympia, Washington, where she was employed, he first met her. Ted worked there as well, helping the police locate women who had gone missing or had been killed. These were the same women that he killed.

According to the book, Boone and Bundy had a platonic relationship at first, but after he was put on trial in Florida for the deaths of two young ladies at the FSU Chi Omega sorority house, they were sexually involved. In the end, she even relocated to the Sunshine State from Washington to be closer to Bundy. Their relationship seemed to have some similarities to Bundy’s long-term partner Liz Kendall (portrayed by Lily Collins in the Netflix film).In fact, while he was on trial, they were married in the courthouse.Boone provided character testimony for Bundy in 1979, the year the couple were married. A former law student, Bundy took full advantage of the fact that two people can legally declare themselves married in a courtroom if a judge is present, which was sure to turn the jury over.

Facts about Carole Ann Boone

  • While working together in Washington, Ted Bundy got to know Carole Ann Boone, his future wife.
  • They were colleagues at first, but once he was put on trial for murder in Florida, they started dating.
  • She fell for Ted’s lady-pleasing charms and naively encouraged his murderous deeds. As their bond grew, Ted was detained and put in jail in 1978 on suspicion of many murders. She went to see him for a week at least.
  • Although her death or the truth of being alive is unknown, it is reported that she passed away in January 2018 at the age of 70.
  • Boone divorced Bundy a few years before his execution, she remained by his side and supported his innocence almost all the way to the end.