A number of untrue myths related to the online casino have become common parlance in online circles. These myths are debunked in this article, and a number of tips are provided that are truer and should be more helpful for players, both new and seasoned.

“Games are rigged”

There is no secret as to when the games will pay out, and they are truly not rigged in the house’s favor. Online casino games are based on an algorithm and pure luck – yes, they may generally take more than they give, but that is the business model of any casino. 

The algorithm or random number generator can produce random results on each occasion, and as such, games such as roulette, slots, and even certain card games will always be random. Due to the randomness, there is no way that a certified and licensed casino will be able to rig any of its games.

“Online casinos are not licensed”

The top and well-reputed online casinos are indeed registered and licensed in the countries in which they are based – they usually have to be to operate legally in most places. It is generally accepted that any good and recognized online casino must have a license and be fully registered. A great example in terms of how to find such casinos is using the various casino review and guide sites that will only showcase casino platforms or games that are licensed and registered in a specific region. 

So, if you are looking for the best casino site for real money in Australia – for example – then you will be likely to be presented with certified and registered sites in that country. Using these types of review and comparison websites, you can search for other reputable casinos in other countries, states, and regions, too – from the Americas to Europe and Asia.

In the earlier days of the internet, it may have been possible for online casinos in some countries to avoid having to get licensed; however, restrictions and regulations have been improved and become stricter. Therefore, unless properly registered and licensed, an online casino will likely not be featured in recommendations on these kinds of review sites and may even be operating outside legal limits – and these casinos should be avoided.

“You can count blackjack cards”

Yes, it is possible to count the cards to determine what cards are available and what your odds are at getting the cards you’re hoping for. But the online casino has no allowances for this, and in fact, there is no way to count the cards in the online version of blackjack. The card deck selection is automated, and the number of decks is not always shown to the player.

“A good return-to-player ratio means you will win”

You need to realize that the RTP (return to player) ratio shown is generally a state of how well the machine has paid out over a previously determined period. It is not a guarantee that the machine will continue to pay out at this specific level of return. The myth is that you will win if you play a machine or game with a high RTP. This is not the case; it just means that those who played previously achieved this win ratio.

“Other players are always winning – social media says so”

Everyone likes to win, and yes, there are big wins, but you need to keep in mind that not all the wins that you see on online social media platforms happen all the time. There is no way that you can win all the time in the online casino, and you aren’t shown the losses, so keep levelheaded and remember this. 

People only tend to share the positives in their lives – and celebrating casino wins is no different. Casino game fans lose, but they’re unlikely to broadcast that – they normally only share news of their wins, as with anything in life. That’s the façade of social media at work.

These are some of the main myths about online casino games – and this article has aimed to debunk these and present a clearer picture of the online casino.