If you’re not wary, any casino game could cost you dearly—but these are the games with the highest chances of success. Conversely, these are also the ones that will cause your wallet to quickly deplete.


When you’re in the mood to gamble, it’s essential to keep one thing in mind: gambling is meant for losing your money. Therefore, if you choose to roll the dice and give it a go at an online casino or live dealer game table, blackjack should be your first pick – not only because of its mysterious origins but also due to its unbeatable nature! A number cruncher will tell you that according to BlackJackApprenticeship.com , no other game beats 21 when counting cards without getting caught- so this card game might just be worth giving a try! 

Although card counting is not a crime (unless you’re using gadgets or gizmos), casinos can be petulant if they think that the odds are too heavily stacked in your favor. Even without card counting, blackjack gives players an advantage since one can employ strategies to increase their chances of success – but it’s important to choose the right game! Sal Piacente, who trains 1xBet casino games online India personnel, cautioned against games such as Double Exposure Blackjack where doubling down isn’t allowed. 

Did you know, if the dealer and player tie without 21, then the house wins?

Sal acknowledges that this gives them an unbeatable 9% advantage. He quips “The dealer should be wearing a robber’s mask when he deals that game!” To prevent yourself from being taken advantage of by these ‘money-saving’ scams, make sure to learn which outlets are actually trustworthy!


Poker games provide casino staff with the assurance that players won’t break the rules, since they are competing against one another instead of the house. Furthermore, dealers have a distinctive edge when it comes to reading “tells” as they are skilled at interpreting people and their behavior—a key factor for succeeding in this game. Players also tend to observe each other during play, confirming that poker tables maintain an atmosphere of civility. 

If you master the art of concealing your emotions and have enough cash to take a seat at the poker table, then your chances of winning significantly increase compared with playing other casino games. On the contrary, if words like Texas hold ’em or Omaha don’t mean anything to you yet, it may be best for you steer clear from these tables as long as novices tend to lose frequently against well-seasoned players.

Video poker

Visiting the slots is a speedy way to become penniless. Losing your funds isn’t ever enjoyable, particularly if you passed up on an entertaining show for this purpose! Wizardofodds.com implies that the simpler it is to comprehend how to play slots, the more unfavorable its odds of winning are – and with only seconds between each spin of the reels, before long your pockets will be completely drained.

Table games can be quite perplexing, and Michael Bluejay of vegasclick.com suggests video poker as an excellent alternate if you’re ready to understand the correct strategy. Derk Boss, a Nevada private investigator and casino security surveillance specialist, concurs with this suggestion wholeheartedly! 

As he explained to Fox News, “with this game there are techniques you can acquire. It doesn’t ensure success but it does provide a far better chance of winning. This reduces the house edge and tilts things more in your favor.” Although gambling is always an option, why not experience these ten must-see Las Vegas attractions that don’t include betting?


If you play craps for a ten-hour period betting $5 per round, according to Vegasclick.com’s Average Loss Calculator, you would lose approximately $30 – significantly less than playing a slot machine at just $1.50 pull where your losses could be upwards of an astounding $630! And that’s without taking into account the fact that craps is far more thrilling and captivating than simply pulling on a solitary handle by yourself. 

A trip to the craps table is like going into a celebration – you can spot them easily by taking note of where cheers, jubilation and clapping are ricocheting off the walls. However, be mindful; the energy in this atmosphere could prove too infectious for your own good and end up costing you more than expected just to stay at that table! According to New 5 Cleveland, after Blackjack’s odds have been calculated out, Craps comes as a close second with almost 50/50 chances of making some money.

Penny slots (played for fun)

Are you eager to gamble but hesitant when it comes to playing at a table? What slot machine is the best way for you both to have fun and avoid going broke? According to Bluejay, “It’s like asking which knife is most suitable for stabbing yourself with – that’s not even the right question! A better one would be: Which games offer me my greatest chance of winning or take my money the slowest so I can play longer? The answer will never be slots. However, penny slots are an exception.” 

“My wife and I don’t play too much, often only a penny at a time.” Bluejay says he still prefers to go for the classic three-reel electromechanical slots as his first experience of playing them was decades ago, plus their odds are usually just slightly better than those in video games. However whatever his wife enjoys spinning is what he plays since it gives him pleasure to see her contentment from gambling together: “I do not get the same satisfaction out of my own game but instead relish watching her happy”.

Casino games at airports, cruise ships, and resorts

According to Wizard of Odds, the least favorable slot odds occur at airports. Even gambling on cruise ships isn’t much better as they are aware your gaming choices are restricted only to their own. Thankfully, those visiting Las Vegas have it the easiest – boasting nearly one hundred casinos and therefore offering superior chances of winning compared to other locations! As Bluejay rightfully states: “Where you can find most competition is where you’ll get best odds.”

“Of course, ‘better’ is a relative term; it’s like claiming to have the highest grade in a failing class. Betting at Vegas may offer you the best odds across the US yet still expect to lose your hard-earned money. Even playing teddy bear games isn’t really any better – this is how carnival attractions are manipulated.”

Progressive slots

If you don’t want to end up losing your shirt, steer clear of large progressive slots like Wheel of Fortune and Megabucks! Bluejay warns that the casino’s take on these types of machines is much higher than other games. On average, one can expect to lose an astonishing $500 per hour while playing such a game. The upside? Each play bumps up the jackpot amount – be it part of a network or its own individual progressive prize pool. So if you feel lucky enough and are comfortable with spending some dough during your gambling spree, go for it but keep in mind that risk comes with reward — always gamble responsibly! 

Bear in mind that, for the machines to offer those remarkable prizes, they rarely pay out. You can always try your luck and possibly win big; however, it’s more likely you’ll rapidly lose money than at a table game or standard slot machine. Try no-deposit bonus codes providing free spins on these thrilling slots without taking risks! Alternatively, consider wagering on these 13 peculiar things legally allowed by law.