The question of whether luck or skill is more important in gaming is something that comes up time and time again, obviously having more relevance in some areas than others. Casino games can be a particularly popular area for this type of discourse due to the fact that luck plays such a central role in so many of the games available.

Slot games might, at a glance, seem like the prime example of a luck-based game. However, taking a closer look might show that this isn’t necessarily as true as you think it is. This can change your attitude towards them, whether you’re a new player or a returning veteran.

Depends on the Variety

First of all, it’s important to recognize that the version of slots that you’re talking about is important here. Though the differences in gameplay might seem slight at first, the resulting gameplay experience can be surprisingly different. This means that for a player such as you, visiting Aussie online casinos, you have a degree of control and customization over the type of slots that you play. If you do feel as though skill is involved in lining up the reels, for example, lining up more of them is only going to make this more challenging. However, this could change the nature of the rewards, making the higher skill ceiling worth the time investment.

Alternatively, you might have variations of the game that introduce mini-games that use different skills entirely, which you might enjoy as an opportunity to do something new and add some variety to the gameplay loop.


A lot of the skill that people will feel presents itself in an average game of slots comes down to your reaction speed and your reflexes. This might seem like a very simple anchor to hinge the gameplay experience on, but it’s not that different from how other, bigger games structure their gameplay. Many games that revolve around challenging enemy encounters also require you to have good timing, as will rhythm games or something like Tetris. This is something that could also vary based on the device that you’re using.

It’s not purely about reflexes, however. In order to be successful in your average game of slots, you also need a strong level of awareness of what’s coming next, when you need to pull the reel – things that are going to change depending on what you’re aiming for, creating that replayability.

The Element of Luck

Throughout this, however, it’s worth bearing in mind that luck still plays an incredibly large part in a game of slots. It’s not about arguing that skill is all there is, but recognizing the role that it plays in contrast to what you can’t control might help you to maneuver a better result. There will always be variables, and things that you can’t control, but this might be why you opt for certain variations of the game that prioritize additional bonuses or free spins – as to maximize your chances of success. Leveraging your position to gain a more successful result is what it’s all about, meaning you have to understand where skill plays a role. Being calm and being aware of the situation might help to make this a more realistic prospect.