Recent statistics reveal that 81% of customers must trust a brand before considering buying from them. This begs an important question for your business. Does your target market trust your brand?

If you are scratching your head, now is the time to increase brand awareness. You will increase sales when more customers are attracted to your brand and trust it. Without this, your profits may suffer this year.

Don’t worry, because here comes the excellent news. It’s not difficult, but to truly reap the rewards, you must start now. Here are the best branding tips to crush sales this year.

1. Partner With Trustworthy Companies

Big brands make significant investments to achieve so much trust and loyalty, making them successful. You can think of today’s big brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, and Under Armour. Most people know them and buy from them because they are trustworthy.

Try partnering with a big brand to emit trust the way they do. When you get an opportunity like this, run with it, and take it to the max. Your target market will begin associating your brand with a much larger one.

2. Influencer Marketing

In today’s digital world, it’s imperative. You may love or hate influencers, but you still recognize their brands.

Consider your customer persona too. If you sell to a younger audience, you must consider influencer marketing. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 70% of teens find influencers more trustworthy than traditional celebrities.

3. Boost Your Content Marketing

While backlinks and keyword rankings are important, content marketing is much more. It’s a powerful tool that tells your brand’s story. It resonates when you can tell customers your story compellingly, and your brand awareness can skyrocket.

A pay-per-click ad can tell a buyer who your brand is and what you wish to sell them. Content marketing takes it further, detailing what your brand stands for. It also tells you the quality, which makes it unique.

Now, here is how you can achieve excellent results with content. You want your content to tell viewers your story regarding your brand values, what you believe in, and how your company has become such a success. Pull the viewer into your brand on a personal level.

4. Leverage SEO

This may seem like a no-brainer. However, many businesses today are not receiving the benefits of SEO to its fullest potential. This is a must-have for boosting your brand’s impact with your audience.

First, you want to rank high on search engines. Long-tail keywords can help you achieve this. Consider this, the second page of Google results only receives 0.63% clicks, meaning you must be on the first page of results to get noticed.

Further, 68% of digital experiences start with a search engine. Not only that, but search engines produce 300% more traffic than social media does to content sites.

If you are not ranking high on search results, it is a worthwhile investment to seek the help of SEO services. We highly recommend you check out this source for B2B SEO.

5. Encourage Sharing

You can hook people in with your content, and to magnify your message without spending more budget, you can encourage people to share your content. Not only is sharing free, but it is authentic.

Your audience is getting larger, learning about your brand from someone they know and trust. Sharing valuable content is a potent advantage for branding.

6. Maintain Relationships

Attracting people to your brand is fantastic. However, they may not be ready to buy yet, and that is okay because they may need to purchase your product or solution soon. You want to stay top of mind.

Beyond the first purchase, there is nothing better than a repeat customer. Maintaining a customer is also less expensive than finding new ones.

Let your brand awareness maintain a healthy relationship. This can come from following your brand on social media, weekly newsletters, and emailing promotions.

7. Use Breaking News and Trends

People are always interested in today’s latest and greatest. This is one of the major types of digital marketing trends because showing that you know what is happening today is intriguing and demands attention. Viewers react quickly to news, and your brand is found because of it, especially with someone sharing your posts and content.

8. Budget for Promoted Posts and Advertising

SEO and social media content on your profiles will build brand awareness over time. However, there is a way to command more high-priority attention quickly. Use part of your brand awareness budget toward advertising to achieve fast results.

Still, there is a delicate balance with this approach, so you don’t overspend and achieve maximum ROI. Limit your audience so that you know the right person is seeing your ad. Also, research the best time of day to run your ads.

9. Measure Your Progress

All good plans start with an idea. However, you won’t know the results until you start. It’s critical to track all your efforts and measure them.

Look at your social media, email campaigns, and Google Analytics engagement. The data will prove what you are doing well and what you can improve upon. Keep tweaking for optimal results.

Tips for Increasing Brand Awareness

You can boost your profits this year by using these methods to increase brand awareness. Be sure to partner with trustworthy companies, incorporate influencer marketing, and extend your content marketing. SEO is essential, so increase your efforts here too.

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