Are you looking to create a viral blog post that stands out? Or is organic traffic at a plateau or non-existent?

A cookie-cutter approach might work for some. This is when writing blog posts that attract and engage readers. Most of the same recipes will leave you short.

This article shares our top tips for making your blog stand out in a crowded market and business niche. Let’s begin!

Creates Unrealistic Expectations

A cookie cutter marketing doesn’t work because it creates unrealistic expectations. People will expect the same results if every situation is approached similarly.

Every case is different and requires a unique approach. It depends on the context and the people involved.

Some specific strategies are effective across the board. Those strategies need to be tweaked and adjusted to fit the current situation.

Expectations of success must reflect that this situation is different. If expectations aren’t realistic, success will be far more challenging.

Fails to Motivate People

An appealing reward may drive one person. It may be motivated by the knowledge that their efforts are seen and appreciated. A cookie-cutter approach does not take into account these differences.

It attempts to put everyone in the same box. This fails to recognize and reward the diversity of skills and ideas inherent in each person.

The individual’s potential is not being maximized, which in turn, limits the group’s potential. A cookie-cutter approach does not promote personal growth.

Focuses on One Platform

The cookie-cutter approach does not work when focusing on one platform. Business needs are often unique and require tailored solutions. A one-size-fits-all solution may not consider different devices and browsers.

The nuances of the target demographic and how the user interacts with the platform. Each platform requires a unique, customized approach to ensure maximum user benefit. Focusing solely on one platform can limit the effectiveness of campaigns.

People are active on multiple platforms. To maximize a platform’s potential, businesses must adopt a holistic, omnichannel approach. Moreover, technology evolves rapidly, and what once worked may become obsolete.

A cookie-cutter approach could quickly fail regarding the ever-changing platforms in the digital space. It’s critical to tailor the customer journey, insights, and visuals.

This is to create a unified, practical experience for an audience. A cookie-cutter approach will not do justice to the complexity and diversity of the modern user experience.

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Don’t Have the Right Foundations

Take an off-the-shelf solution applied to every business. The business owners would miss out on the opportunity to have their mission.

Moreover, the wrong foundations laid early can cost much more money and time. It is further down the road when changes need to be made to correct mistakes made with the initial strategy.

A cookie-cutter approach does not allow for an individualized approach, meaning valuable time and resources would be wasted in the long run.

Understanding a Business Niche

In short, it’s clear why a cookie-cutter approach in a business niche doesn’t work across all businesses. A customized strategy that meets the needs of a business’s current position, goals, and objectives is essential for success. Talk to an expert today to get the most out of your strategy.

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