Owning a home brings plenty of challenges. There is standard maintenance, not to mention the occasional emergency repairs. One of the worst challenges is the blight of household pests, such as flying or crawling insects and rodents.

There are some steps you can take to avoid pests, such as putting away food and sealing up cracks and gaps. Unfortunately, even doing everything right won’t necessarily keep your home pest-free.

At that point, pest control becomes the focus. If you want professional help, there is the question of how to choose the best pest control near me.

Ask Around

Most homeowners must deal with a pest problem at some point. Ask around with your nearby family, friends, or acquaintances. Find out which pest control services they used and make a list.

You can also ask if they’d use that same pest control company again. If someone sings the praises of a company like safeguardpestcontrol.com.au, you can potentially move them to the top of the list.

If they wouldn’t use them again, you can probably leave that service off the list.

Check Reviews

Another way you can narrow your list of best pest control options is by looking at recent online reviews. While companies can potentially game the online review sites a bit, the reviews can still give you a general snapshot of what people think of the service.

Always keep in mind that someone can go on those sites with an ax to grind, so don’t take an individual bad review too seriously.

Check Credentials

There is often registration, licensing, certification, permit, and insurance requirements for pest control services. This helps ensure that the company employees have the proper training to safely use the chemicals. It also helps ensure that you have some coverage if they accidentally cause damage to your home.

Safety Measures

As those chemicals can potentially harm you, your family, or your pets, you should ask about the companies’ safety protocols. A good pest control service will walk you through the kinds of steps they take to ensure the safety of the people and pets in a home.


You should also check the company websites or ask them directly if they offer some kind of guarantee. Using a service with a guarantee can mean spending a little extra, but it also means the company will typically come back and treat your home a second time if the pest return within a certain period of time.

Picking the Best Pest Control Near Me

The problem of picking the best pest control near me is, fortunately, less complicated than it may sound on the surface. You want a company that comes with good recommendations or reviews. They should have their paperwork in order in terms of licenses, permits, and so on.

You want a service with good safety measures in place. You also want one that offers a guarantee, just in case the problem recurs.