Stickers have been around for quite a while and they obviously come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes. Remember the stickers that couldn’t be removed? We’ve all struggled trying to take a small sticker off a new wine glass, which eventually succumbs to repeated scrubbing, yet you’ll be glad to hear that today’s generation of stickers can easily be removed. You can learn how easy it is in taking off adhesive residue in your wine glass by checking StickerYou’s website.

Here are a few ways that stickers are used in business.

  1. Checking inventory – Barcode stickers are a game-changer; if all stock items have a barcode sticker attached, then you can find out where any item is located with a single mouse click. Stock controllers have an easy time when compared to a couple of decades ago and barcode systems are constantly being developed. Most warehouses use a barcode system to track stock, which enables an employee to find out how many units are in stock.
  2. Branding – Check out the latest generation of vinyl stickers that can really boost branding; search the web for a sticker supplier, one that designs and prints custom stickers and you can design your own vinyl stickers. Stickers can be put on vehicles, products and packaging; creative designs can boost your exposure and branding. Large window stickers are great for drawing the attention of passers-by, and such is the quality nowadays, you can remove and even re-stick them to almost any surface. Click here for top tips to boost your brand.
  3. Safety signage – Many of the signs used for safety in the workplace are in sticker format, mainly because they never need to be relocated. While you can buy safety signage stickers off the shelf, you can also design your own, as long as they meet health & safety guidelines. The online supplier would have a huge catalogue of safety signage stickers of all shapes and sizes.
  4. Product ID – When you have a wide range of products that basically look the same, stickers are one way of identifying models and placing them in the same position makes identification very easy. Of course, a special code can be created that enables a scanner to ID the items and add or remove them from the inventory. Removable stickers are very popular, as they can be re-stuck as many times as needed.
  5. Staff tuition – Complicated machinery demands users are reminded of how to use the equipment and stickers can be an effective way to train staff; place the sticker in a prominent place so the equipment operator can see it. Putting a sticker on the fuel cap of a vehicle reminds the driver of the correct type of fuel to use and permanent stickers remain through all weather.

There are stickers for all occasions and they are made from vinyl and plastic by leading US printing outfits, so you can design your own, which is ideal. Safety signage is important and, in many cases, stickers are the best solution