Rock climbing has been a hobby of adventurous people for ages. It is a physically demanding sport that needs immense endurance and muscle strength. Having top-notch fitness and agility also counts as prerequisites. Being such a challenging sport, it surely has its dangers as you climb steep rocks until you reach the summit. Now, quite naturally, you need special equipment that guarantees your safety. Among the many things, the rock climbing harness for women deserves special mention.

These climbing harnesses come with different features offered by different companies. So, if you are planning to purchase one, this article will come in handy for you.

Choose the Right Type of Padding – Tip 1

The hip belt and leg loops are the two essential elements of the harness that holds you upright. So, deciding on how they should feel is essential for your comfort. So, the suggestion goes like this –

  • Is it your first time using the harness for rock climbing? Then, you might go for the one with ample padding for your hip and legs.
  • Choosing an extra paddy harness will ensure you don’t feel discomfort as it tightens against your body.
  • New climbers usually feel fatigued faster than others, and the right harness might make things better.

It might give a paddy harness some extra weight, but it is worth the comfort.

Adjustable Leg Loops or Non-Adjustable ones? – Tip 2

Unless you are totally confident about the harness you are buying, it is good to choose the adjustable one. You get a buckle to control how many adjustments you need to make. A women’s harness with adjustable leg loops is simply more versatile.

These harnesses are the best choice for people who love ice climbing. As you wear heavier and bulky clothes, you might need to tighten the grip of your leg loops. Therefore, having an adjustable leg loop is very helpful in such situations.

How to know if the harness fits well? – Tip 3

Before you set out for your rock climbing expedition, you need to guarantee that you have a harness that feels comfortable and fits in securely. If it doesn’t fit well, it might leave corners for unavoidable risks anywhere in your trip.

The first tip is not to buy a general harness from a random store. Popular stores have harnesses especially for women. Explicitly designed to match the women’s physique, they have different characteristics that will make the harness both secure and comfortable for you. Also, check the straps, belts, and loops for durability because that matters very much.

So, when you buy a harness, do ensure that you wear it to check if it fits well. If it doesn’t, go for a different product at once.

Wrapping Up

There are different features of various types of rock climbing harnesses for women. Also, the products vary from one type of rock climbing to another. So, are you looking for sports climbing, bouldering, big wall climbing, alpine climbing, or ice climbing? Because each of them requires slightly different harnesses focused on the particular climbing.

So, when you choose a harness, you should always follow the size and fitting guidelines of the company. Lastly, it is wise to purchase from a reputed company with definite customer-friendly policies.