Honey bees can survive in both natural and cultivated settings. However, they desire to reside in gardens, flower parks, wooded areas, fields, and other places with many flowering plants. Honey bees construct nests inside tree holes and beneath the boundaries of items in their natural setting to protect themselves from predators.

Do you think bees are hovering around you when you visit outdoor gardens? Are you wondering why are bees attracted to me? Well, there are many reasons: you wear colorful clothes, smell like flowers or sweat, etc. 

Why Bees Hover Around You

Bees are beneficial pollinators and create tasty honey. Here are some typical reasons why they fly around and follow you.

You Are Wearing Colors

Bees can perceive colors while fleeing at elevated speeds three to four times more quickly than people. Bees have evolved to use color to find healthy blossoms and carry nectar, pollen, and nectar back to their hive. They will associate pink and yellow with flowers and follow you if you wear such colors. Decide for white if you wish to avoid being seen by them. It is simple to disregard its lack of color and is entirely neutral.

According to some theories, bees have evolved to link dark colors such as red and black to the skin of predators. Bear in mind that bees cannot perceive the red color due to their preference for UV light. Thus, they feel that black and red have identical appearances and resemble the fur of a bear or a skunk.

You Are Sweating

Sweat bees are drawn to the smell of sweat. They typically have a deeper color, a metallic sheen, with undertones of red or green. If you think about why bees are attracted to me, even if you are not wearing colorful clothes, floral patterns, or sweet scents, it might be because you smell like sweat. 

You Are Emitting Floral Smell

A honey bee’s primary responsibility is to gather delicious nectar from flowers to feed the hive. They inherently desire to investigate anything sweet when they smell it. All bees share an increased sense of smell. Spraying a powerful odor tosses them and makes them bewildered. They become fixated on you; as a result, they understand the smell.

Body perfumes, lotions, body mists, hairsprays, deodorants, tonics, shampoos, and detergents with solid scents can draw bees unsure of what to do. Not wearing perfumes with strong scents will help you dodge them. Also, avoid putting on anything that has a plant-like scent.

You Are Wearing Floral Patterns

Bees are particularly drawn to patterns and hues that mimic flowers. They may stop following you when they feel your floral dress is not a true nectar source. Nonetheless, honey bees will prioritize coming over to you if you wear vivid and floral patterns.

Bee Becomes Defensive

There is a considerable probability that a bee may fly around you to chase you away if you have annoyed them. Bees are protective of their nest, queen, and honey reserves. Bees will protect themselves if they feel attacked. Some bee species can be seen to go after humans for a distance of more than 0.25 miles. Even though the male carpenter bee cannot sting, it is exceptionally aggressive towards outsiders. Males will frequently run after bugs that come close to their nest.

Bottom Line

Wear white clothes instead of any colors or floral patterns to avoid the bees following you around. Also, avoid smelling like sweat and do not use floral or sweet perfumes, hair sprays, etc. Keep in mind not to go near their nest as they are territorial.