We live in a world that requires safety from electronics, otherwise, they can start fires. These issues arise when too much current flows into electrical wiring.

A smart electrical circuit breaker typically resolves these issues. Such devices sever whatever powers current flow, which then allows someone to fix the root cause.

But, circuit breakers often come at hefty prices. Thus, many people turn to buying used ones. Yet, do they threaten our safety in any way?

How do we determine the “right” used circuit breaker for our needs (or if we need one at all)? 

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How Does a Circuit Breaker Work?

Circuit breakers operate as fuses do (except we can reuse circuit breakers). They have a switch that attaches to a bimetallic strip or electromagnet. Electricity can flow freely once we flip that switch on, magnetizing our electromagnet. 

This means that such a magnet can attract or pull a metal lever that cuts power when the electrical current reaches a dangerous high. 

Other, more complicated circuit breakers exist, which can shut off power faster. However, they still operate on the same, basic principles. 

What’s So Dangerous About a Used Circuit Breaker?

A used or reconditioned breaker can prove just as risky as going without a circuit breaker at all. This lies in the fact a used breaker more often fails to function when the electrical current runs too high. As such, it may cause a fire: the very catastrophe we try to prevent with a circuit breaker

Another possible danger or inconvenience depends on a circuit breaker’s age. An older, reconditioned breaker may require more upkeep and maintenance than its newer counterpart. Thus, an older circuit breaker can also malfunction more often and more easily.

Furthermore, a reconditioned circuit breaker falls prey to corrosion, pest infestations, dirt, and grime.

So what can we do to ensure our safety when seeking circuit protection?

More About Circuit Breakers

Most people purchase used or reconditioned circuit breakers because they want to save money. But, others may purchase them if know or trust a certain brand (rather than opting for a newer, foreign one). 

Used circuit breakers still hold value, especially amongst electrical contractors. Many places like Bay Power sell reputable, reliable new and used circuit breaker parts.

It all boils down to due diligence

We must ensure that the used or reconditioned circuit breakers still consistently function, check for proper sealants, double-check individual parts, triple-check whether said parts come from trustworthy places to avoid counterfeiting. 

So What Does This Mean For Customers?

A circuit breaker has become a necessary device in all of our homes in the modern world. A new circuit breaker remains the conventional choice. That said, a used circuit breaker still has worth under the right circumstances.

Such purchases require proper research because a used or reconditioned circuit breaker can threaten our safety, our life. 

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