Privacy is the main concern of every business owner these days. As the world is advancing fast, more and more businesses are establishing online which has made them even more prone to getting attacked by data breachers. In this era of digitalization, businesses are open to various kinds of threats. Cybercriminals are found almost everywhere around us who are just in the wait for one chance to get into your system. There are many different ways to deal with cybercriminals, however, the first and the foremost is to tighten up your cyber security. You must make sure you have taken every measure on your part to make your cyber security stronger. Let’s not forget the fact that with the advancement in technology, hackers are getting even more competent in breaching data, and once they get into your system, you are doomed. They will lock up your information and probably demand money in return to release it. The worst part here is that, even after paying the ransom, you can not be sure if they still have a copy of your information or would blackmail you in the future.

If you are someone who has fallen victim to a cyber breach or any whaling phishing attack, you must immediately report the case to cyber intelligence. What is whaling? When hackers use “spear phishing” techniques to target important, high-profile targets within organisations, such as senior executives or high-ranking government officials, the result is known as whaling, or whaling phishing. The stakes can be higher than in typical phishing attacks because these targets are more likely to have access to sensitive data. The professionals there know how to deal with everything else in their own way.  As talked about before, you must improve your cybersecurity first, and for that, below are some ways that you can opt. 

Protect Your Password

This step may seem too basic to most people but it should be stressed the most. Most people are seen setting up very common passwords and the more simple and common your password would be, the easier it will be for the cybercriminal to get into your system. It is extremely important to come up with a password that is strong enough so that no one can ever have an idea what it would be. Your password should have all kinds of components, e.g., upper case alphabets, lower case alphabets, numbers, symbols, etc. You must keep your login credentials safe by clearing the history every time you sign off from a device that is not yours. Moreover, you must never sit too close to anyone when entering your password. 

Secure All Devices

Another way to prevent a cyber breach is by securing your devices to the fullest. Let it be known that the developers can find ways to dig holes into your system, and cybercriminals can easily get inside from there. It is important that you keep on updating your system more often and install all the updates on a regular basis. Devices that are updated only once in a while are easier to breach, and cybercriminals can get inside without much trouble and then breach the data. 

To know more about what to do in an incident where your data gets breached, you should conduct an incident response breach investigation. 

Give Training to Employees

Your employees play a huge role in keeping your data secured because they are the ones who will also be given access to data by you. You all have to work as a team to secure your data and for this reason, you must educate them about all the measures that have to be taken to tighten up cyber security. Encourage the use of data rooms instead of carrying data in a USB and try to not let any of your employees take the work home. Additionally, you can also upskill some of your employees as cyber security professionals says Lumify Work. You can support them in taking some of the top cyber security courses that are available online through financial assistance.