The safety of your company’s premises is paramount. If you don’t take security seriously, chances are you will be the victim of a break-in and theft at some point in time. There are many different ways to keep your property protected so you will need to look at a couple of different options before creating a security plan. The following six tips provide an introduction to property security. 

Vacant Property Security Solutions 

The best way to protect property is to have someone physically present on the premises. However, this may not always be possible, especially if the property is vacant. In cases like these, you will need to rely on security cameras and/or security gates. Security cameras should be placed in strategic locations so that all areas of the property are monitored. Security gates should be heavy-duty and difficult to break through. When you’re in need of empty property security, you should search for businesses that are experienced in property security. By finding a reputable security company you’re ensuring that your property is handled as it should be. When you’re looking for vacant property security, it’s important to find an experienced security company. They’ll handle your property with care and expertise.

Perimeter Security 

One of the most important aspects of property security is perimeter security. This involves creating a barrier around the property so that intruders cannot simply walk onto the premises. This can be done in different ways, including fences, gates, and barriers. Fences come in different materials, like wood, chain link, or even barbed wire. Depending on your needs, you can install manual or even automatic gates. Barriers are usually concrete walls or metal cages that surround the property.

Access Control 

Another important aspect of property security is access control. This means restricting who has access to the property and regulating when they can enter. Gates, turnstiles, and security guards are just some of the ways that this can be done. Gates can be controlled manually or electronically. Turnstiles are usually found in high-security areas, such as government buildings. Security guards can be stationed at the entrance of the property to control who comes in and out.

Create barriers between public and private areas. You might have great high fences around your building but that won’t be enough if there are no obstacles on the inside to discourage people from coming in. Put up signs warning intruders they will be prosecuted or install window bars so it looks like it would be difficult for someone to get into the building without breaking glass first. Install turnstiles at entrances, which cause visitors to slow down as they pass through them, giving you an opportunity to monitor who is coming in. You can also frisk people before they enter or have them show ID.


Having adequate lighting on the property is one of the proven ways to deter crime. This will make it more difficult for intruders to hide and will also make it easier for security cameras to record footage. Different types of lighting, such as floodlights, spotlights, and LED lights, can be used. Floodlights illuminate a large area, making them ideal for parking lots and outdoor areas. Spotlights are usually used to highlight specific areas, for example, front and back entrances and exits. The popularity of LED lights is rising due to their energy efficiency. 

Alarms And Guards

Alarms are another effective way to deter crime. There are a few different types of alarms, including burglar alarms, fire alarms, and panic alarms. Burglar alarms are activated when someone breaks into the property. Fire alarms are activated when there is a fire in the building. Panic alarms are activated when there is an emergency situation. Alarms can be either manual or automatic. Manual alarms require someone to activate them, usually by pressing a button. Automatic alarms are activated when a certain condition is met, such as when a door is opened or when smoke is detected.

Security guards make up the most important part of any security. They can be used to patrol the property, control access to the property, and respond to emergencies. Security guards do not use force unless necessary and are usually unarmed. By having security guards on your property, you can deter crime and provide a sense of safety for your employees and customers. When hiring it’s important to make sure the security guards have attended proper training and possess the necessary licenses.

Security Systems And CCTV 

A security system is an important part of any property security plan. Security systems come in different types, such as CCTV systems, access control systems, and burglar alarms. Burglar alarms will notify you if someone breaks into your property. CCTV systems will let you monitor what is going on on your property. Access control systems will restrict who has access to your property. By finding a system that meets your specific needs, you can create a security plan that is tailored to your property.

If you are unable to have someone physically present on the property, you should consider using CCTV cameras. These cameras can be used to monitor all areas of the property and they can also be used as a deterrent against crime. Make sure that you purchase a high-quality CCTV system with night vision capabilities. Place the cameras in strategic locations so that they can capture all areas of the property. You should place at least one camera in each area, including the parking lot, the entrance, and the exit. By having security cameras, you will be able to identify intruders and prosecute them.

When it comes to property protection, there are various different things you can do to deter criminals. While no security system is foolproof, using a combination of these tips will make it more difficult for criminals to gain access to your premises. For more information, contact a local security company or look at online resources. There are many websites that have articles that could help you out. Set a budget for security and stay within it. You don’t need to overspend in order to keep your property safe. We hope this article was helpful!