Everyone knows that tinder is a dating app whose owner is a match group. The app was specially made for those people who were completely alone and can’t find their better half on their own. So people have to make their profile by adding their interests, photos, and some basic information. Then tinder shows some matches to them. Then people can chat with each other and know more about each other.

Uniquely, some people find their love of life and few can’t. Because while texting they come to know more about each other so they may find that their interests are different or they are not the perfect match for each other. Moreover, some people may behave inappropriately. In all of the above cases just unmatch them and also report it. 

Method of unmatching a person on tinder

To unmatch your match in tinder is not physics. Follow the steps to unmatch the other person

  • Firstly, open your profile on tinder.
  • Second, open the conversation of the individual you want to unmatch.
  • Third, you have to get on to the top right nook of your mobile. You will see a shield or flag option if you are an IOS user and you will see an ellipses icon if you are an android user. Press that icon. 
  • Then you will see an option of unmatch so click it and, you are done.

After completing this process you will vanish from the other persons match list and the other person will vanish from your match list. Now another person can’t match with you as it’s a permanent action and can’t be undone.

Why some people can’t unmatch on tinder

Rare of us will not be able to unmatch on tinder after completing the above process. And it’s not a big deal and you don’t have to worry as it’s just a small obstacle and usually solves it out of itself after some time. In any event, if you can’t wait just try several times, and then you are done. Unfortunately, if this doesn’t work then log out and sign in again or restart your app. This solution will surely work.


Besides unmatching a person make sure to report also. It will be safe for you. Take screenshots of messages and then report. Once you report it can’t be done as it’s also a permanent action. Heed the instructions to report.

  • Open the profile of the person.
  • Secondly, you gave to scroll down, and there you will see an option of the report.
  • Select it to report.

Unmatching all matches at once

Those who want to unmatch all the matches at once will be disappointed to hear that it is impossible and one has to unmatch one by one by going in every person’s profile. 

Matching again with unmatch

To match again with a person you unmatched is impossible as unmatching is a permanent action. Overall, to match with that person again you have to make a new account. To clarify, sign up with a new account and match that person again.