If your dog has swelling around its joints, seems lethargic, and has lost its appetite, there’s a chance it was bitten by a tick.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that can affect dogs — and it’s usually spread through tick bites. It can cause kidney damage and neurological issues. While treatable, an affected dog may have to live with the damage.

So, how do you protect your dog from getting ticks and spare it from unnecessary suffering?

Here’s a look at how to protect dogs from ticks. Your dog will thank you.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

While you’ll have to take swift action if you believe your dog has ticks, it’s best to be proactive rather than reactive. The best way to protect dogs from ticks is to use tick-prevention solutions.

You can get them in the form of tablets, collars, sprays, and other things at a vet or store that sells pet supplies.

Protecting your dog from ticks proactively also means ensuring your home is free from ticks and other pests.

A company like resultpestcontrol.com can provide bi-monthly or monthly pest control services that protect your home and family — including your dog.

Understand Risks in Your Area

Understand the risks of ticks in your particular area. For instance, the risks are often higher in rural regions with lots of vegetation. If you have a dog that likes to explore a rural property, its risks of getting ticks might be higher.

When you take your dog to see a vet, ask about seasonal tick prevention treatments that will give your dog the protection it needs to avoid ticks.

Understand Traveling Risks

Are you planning to visit the family cottage this spring or summer? Before you go, check in with your dog’s vet and discuss the potential risks in the area. The vet will be able to recommend how to keep your pet safe and sound.

Perform Checks Regularly

After daily walks with your dog, check your dog for signs of ticks. If you discover any while closely examining your pet, remove the ticks safely. Are you uncertain as to how to do that? Check with your pet’s vet.

Plan Play Dates Carefully

One way to keep ticks off dogs is to be careful about the dogs your pet is allowed to play with. It’ll be hard to practice proper tick prevention for dogs if your dog is allowed to play with other dogs that haven’t been treated.

Any ticks on other dogs can potentially make their way onto your dog. So, in addition to treating your dog, ensure that playdate partners have also been treated with the right solutions.

How to Protect Dogs from Ticks: Follow the Steps Above

If you want to know how to protect dogs from ticks, follow the tips above. You’ll keep your pet safe inside and outside your home.

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