The most common types of roof coverings last anywhere from 15 to 30 years. While this is a long span of time, it isn’t forever. Before you know it, shingles can wear down and leave you with a roof leak.

When this happens, it’s important to know how to fix it. Read on to learn how.

Prevent Further Water Damage

It’s best to act quickly when you notice your roof leaking. Any inaction can lead to further water damage.

Do what you can to protect your floor, walls, and furnishings. Grab a bucket or tub and put it under the leak. Putting something waterproof, like a tarp, can also prevent further damage.

Make the Roof Leak Bigger

It may seem counterproductive to cause more damage to your ceiling. However, there may be liquid pooling above it. If you leave this to sit, it can cause the ceiling to spring other leaks, or collapse altogether.

Therefore, consider getting a broom and making the leak bigger. You can also do this with a shorter tool and a stepladder.

Don’t Repair the Leak Yourself

You may feel tempted to perform a DIY roof leak repair job. This can save you money at first. However, you may end up spending more to fix mistakes you’ll probably make.

In addition, you may end up with medical expenses. Most roof repair jobs involve climbing onto a roof. It’s easy to fall off these and injure yourself.

Find and Contact an Experienced Roofer

It’s best to find an experienced roof repair contractor. Local roofing companies will probably have websites like this one: Be sure to search the website for the company’s certifications, testimonials, and years of experience.

Once you feel satisfied with a roofing company’s validity, contact it. It should have a phone number or e-mail address you can use. Give the company information (such as ‘my roof is leaking’) and ask them what they can do.

Let the Roofers Perform a Roof Inspection

The company should want to perform a roof inspection first. This will help them learn what is wrong with your roof. Once they’re done, you can ask them questions (such as, “Why is my roof leaking?”).

At this point, they should offer you an estimated price for the cost of repairing your roof.

Let the Roofers Repair Your Roof

If the estimated price seems fair, have the roofers repair the roof leak quickly. Waiting to have this work done can cause more damage to accumulate. This can cause your final repair bill to become larger.

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