There’s been a lot of pressure put on smokers to quit. It’s bad for your health, it affects other people around you, and it covers your skin in layers of yellowish nicotine grit. But more than any of that, it feels like going back in time.

Do you remember your first cigarette? Do you remember that long drag that filled your lungs and almost made you throw up? That’s part of the person you are.

So what about smoking a cigar, which is a bit more refined and more suited to the way you like to live your life?

It totally works, and there’s a long history behind cigar smoking. Maybe it’s something you’d like to try. Maybe it’s something you’ve been curious about? Read on to learn more!

Ancient Origins

Cigar smoking is thought to have originated from the Mayans of Mesoamerica as early as the 10th century. Smoking was a pastime used to provide spiritual enlightenment and connection to the gods. In the history of cigars, it was a part of religious ceremonies as well as a common activity among everyday people.

People typically smoked rolled plant materials, such as tobacco leaves, wrapped in palm or plantains.

Cigar Smoking in the Americas

Cigar smoking continued to spread throughout the many cultures of the Americas as trade routes established for Spain and other colonizing forces opened up. Cigar history thrived among colonial Americans, primarily as a source of relaxation and leisure.

By the turn of the century, however, cigar smoking was considered fashionable, becoming a symbol of prestige and power thanks to the industrialization of cigar factories in the 19th century.

While the popularity of cigar smoking in the Americas nation has diminished in the last several decades due to the health risks associated with it, cigar smoking still remains a popular activity among many Americans.

Cigar Smoking in Europe

By the mid-19th century, cigar development had become a popular pastime among most European social classes. With the rise of tobacco factories during this time, cigars had become often seen as a status symbol for the rich and powerful, as only the wealthiest classes could afford to buy and smoke these luxury items.

This trend continued until the early 20th century when cigarette production began to overtake that of cigars, leading to a decline in their popularity. However, the tradition of cigar smoking still lives on in Europe to this day, with cigar clubs and events being held all over the country.

Modern Developments in Cigar Smoking

In the modern day, technological advancements have made cigar smoking more popular than ever. Cigar lounges have sprung up across the globe, while the internet has made cigar shopping easier than ever.

Furthermore, humidors have become commonplace in cigar smokers’ homes, allowing them to keep their cigars in the optimal environment for years. New cigar-smoking brands and accessories, such as Dominican cigars, cigar cases, lighters, ashtrays, cutters, and more, have made cigar smoking more enjoyable than ever.

The Many Cultures of Cigar Smoking

Overall, cigar smoking has been a part of many cultures for many years. Today, one can find a variety of cigar styles from all over the world in local shops and tobacconists. If you want to give cigar smoking a try, visit your local tobacconist and find a type of cigar that interests you. Who knows, you might just find a new hobby.

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