You are probably familiar with the protest, “All Rapist Can Rot In Hell”. This protest was started last year against the sexual assault case of Max Helm. Max reportedly raped and sexually assaulted a 17-years old female student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. So, it’s quite clear that Max Helm is not a great name to admire. However, if you are curious to know who this guy is and whether he was arrested or punished for his crime, we are here to offer you some important information about Max Helm. So, stay with this article to learn more about Max Helm Fiji. 

Who Is Max Helm Fiji?

Max Helm is an active member of Fiji or the Phi Gamma Delta house at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In 2017, the members of Fiji were suspended due to the harassment of the March protesters by women. In 2020, this house was again restored. Fiji is a social fraternity with crazy and conservative beliefs and morals. For instance, according to some reports, the members of this group are racist against the Mexicans, and they have also set some strange rules against Mexicans. 

While Max is a member of Fiji, he too possesses these conservative beliefs. He is accused of raping heartlessly a 17-years old female student at UNL and this is not the first time, he is accused of such a case. According to a Twitter account, Max was suspended for doing a similar act in 2017. 

Max Helm Fiji UNL Sexual Assault Case:

On 23rd August (Monday) 2021, Max brutely raped a female student at Fiji house approximately between 11.30 pm to midnight and then threw her outside the Fiji house. After that, a large group came out to protest against Max and Fiji on 24th August 2021. Hundreds of UNL students joined the protest once they learned about the incident from social media platforms, such as Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Soon after this, the UNL Police Department took the whole matter for investigation. The UNL has also closed down the Fiji house temporarily for investigation purposes. 

The UNL police have received 103 reported rape cases or attempted rape cases since 2015. Even only eight hours after the sexual assault case of Fiji, another rape case was reported. Leslie Reed, the director of public affairs at UNL, confirmed that the institution will take essential actions in response to this incident. 

Protest Against Max Helm Nebraska:

After the incident of sexual assault, a Twitter user @emmyofthevalley raised her voice about the ongoing matter in Fiji. Emmy expressed her serious concerns about the issue and stated how brutely Max raped the woman and left her bloody and naked on the lawn. She stated that Max is known for this type of criminal activity and informed that the frat got suspended for a similar act in 2017. Emmy also claimed that the reaction of her community regarding this rape case was not acceptable as people were joking about abuses and rapes. 

Another bright name in this protest is Rose Felice who started a petition in order to permanently ban Fiji and she hopes to get 200 thousand signs for the petition. There were a large number of people to join the protest against this brutal incident. Social media such as Snapchat and Yik Yak played a crucial role to spread the news and inspire people to gather in this protest. 

Max Helm Bio, Age, and Parents:

Max Helm is a student of UNL (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) and a member of Fiji or the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. He is known for his undisciplined life. Some viral pictures also indicate that Max Helm Fiji is an ice hockey player. 

Even though not much information is known about Max Helm, his age would be around 20 to 30 years. It is also rumored that the parents of this culprit are Thomas Helm and Melissa Helm. However, we can not confirm the truth behind this news until any official news comes out. 

Instagram Account of Max Helm:

After the sexual assault case, people rapidly are searching for the social media accounts of Max Helm to get more information about him. However, no one has found Max’s Instagram account or Facebook account. The UNL police department is not also providing clear information about Max Helm. 

Was Max Helm Arrested?

According to some reports, Max was not arrested initially. Some sources also confirmed that he ran away to Mexico after the incident. However, there was not much proper information about Max Helm. As of now, the UNL police have arrested Max and taken him into custody for investigation.

What Is the Victims’ Condition Now?

A student of UNL first found the victim bloody and naked on the lawn. Then the victim was immediately admitted to the hospital. She is now in better condition after receiving treatment from the hospital. Nevertheless, this incident gives a serious indication regarding the safety of women. 

Things About Fiji Fraternity:

The social fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta has 13 colonies and over 144 active chapters across the USA and Canada. In 1848, this fraternity was established at Jefferson College in Pennsylvania. 

After the brutal incident at UNL, a Reddit user has come forward and posted some pledge rules of Fiji on social media that include, “no fagetry, no crying to mom, and no Mexicans”. Clearly, these rules indicate how homophobic and racist the fraternity is. If you did not really get the whole about this fraternity, you will definitely get shocked to hear that a TikTok user, ‘hotcatmom’ has stated that there is a ‘rape floor’ in this fraternity. The idea behind this floor is if a girl walks on the floor, she must have to give her consent even if she does not know about this rule.

That’s why, after the incident, students came out with placards that written “Even my dog understands the meaning of no” and “Rapist only belong in prison, not at UNL”. In an interview with ABC 8 News, Ronnie Green, the UNL Chancellor stated that the people who do not understand the meaning of “no”, this campus is not their place. 

Conclusory Note:

The sexual assault case at UNL makes us learn that this world is not yet a safe place for women. But we can make our world safer for women. For that, we have to raise our voices against such incidents. We must respect and preserve the rights of a woman. No one should violate that. Is it hard to understand that a woman is not giving her consent when she says no? If anyone does not understand this, we must make him understand.