What’s the best music to listen to when you’re high?

Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, and Radiohead are a few classics. However, the best tunes will depend on the type of high you’re experiencing.

That’s right, not every high is the same. Smoking a casual joint vs. taking a bong hit creates 2 entirely different sensations.

If you’re taking edibles, let your ears go with the flow. Use the explore or discover feature on your favorite music platform. Let yourself be taken on a musical journey as you hear completely new notes and lyrics!

What else does our edibles guide say about having a good time? Read on to find out.

What Are Edibles?

The first thing our edibles guide will address is the term “edibles” itself! An edible product is something you can eat or drink that’s been infused with THC. In some cases, edibles might be infused with CBD instead.

People take edibles for a variety of reasons. You might be able to experience pain relief or help to sleep through the night. Others take edibles to enjoy a fun cerebral or full-body high.

How exactly are edibles made? The answer is going to be different from one product to the next.

Some edibles are made by simply baking THC butter into the food product. Other edibles are made using distilled forms of THC and working them into the food that way.

As new technologies advance, manufacturers are finding cleaner ways to produce edibles. The results are more potent edibles that can produce some more intense highs.

How Will Edibles Make You Feel?

Have you ever tried THC before? Maybe you smoked a bowl of flower or tried hitting a vape pen. If you’ve tried marijuana, then you understand how uplifting cannabis can feel.

Cannabis can help soothe your mind while also turning on parts of your creative self that you didn’t know existed. You might feel like a philosopher as you contemplate the beauty of the world. For some, cannabis sparks the best conversations, even if they don’t remember them perfectly the next day.

When you’re already familiar with cannabis, it’s easy to imagine how edibles will feel. However, it’s important not to underestimate their power! Edibles produce a more immersive cannabis experience that lasts longer than hitting a bowl.

Are you completely new to the world of cannabis? Welcome! If you’ve never tried THC before, then it’ll be difficult to explain exactly what it feels like. However, you can customize your experience by choosing between Indica and Sativa strains.

Relaxing vs. Uplifting Edibles

If you wind up taking a relaxing edible made from an Indica strain, you might feel like you just had a massage. Your senses will be a little bit different, and your mind will be more prone to daydreaming. As long as you relax into the experience, it can be a tremendous opportunity to let go of anything that’s weighing you down.

If you wind up taking an uplifting edible made from a Sativa strain, you might feel a burst of inspiration. Suddenly you’ll want to listen to songs you haven’t heard in a long time. You may even want to try your hand at a fun arts and crafts activity!

Is THC Legal?

One of the biggest questions we hear from people who are new to the world of cannabis is whether or not THC is legal. The answer is going to depend on where you live.

Certain states have legalized recreational weed and medical marijuana. In these states, THC is 100% legal; Yay!

In other states, marijuana is only legal medicinally. That means anyone who has a medical marijuana card can legally use THC.

Do you live somewhere cannabis is illegal recreationally and medically? Then you should look into the benefits of CBD edible alternatives. CBD edibles can produce wonderful results, and they’re legal everywhere in the United States.

What Are CBD Edibles?

Are CBD edibles the same as THC edibles? Not exactly. Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant family.

It’s what gives you the high experience. Instead, CBD can help produce calming effects that don’t alter your state of mind.

When you’re able to find edibles that have CBD and THC in them, you’ll be getting the best of both worlds. Working together, the cannabinoids can create the entourage effect. The entourage effect means that your body is getting the full benefits of the healing properties cannabis brings to the table.

CBD to THC Ratio in Edibles

What type of effects are you looking for from your edible experience? Earlier, we mentioned that Indica strains are going to create a relaxing effect. At the same time, Sativa strains can be a bit more uplifting.

However, you can customize your experience even further than that! Choosing strains is only the beginning. You can also decide what you want your THC to CBD ratio to be.

Typically, the higher you want to feel, the more THC you should look for. If you’re looking for a mild experience, then go for a one-to-one ratio.

As long as the edible has equal parts THC as it does CBD, the high is less intense. Keep in mind, however, that everyone has their own experience with THC.

What one person considers less intense might be incredibly intense to someone else. That’s why we’re going to go over the best edible dosing advice next.

Best Edible Dosing Advice

How many edibles should you eat? That’s going to depend on the product you buy. However, as a general rule of thumb, less is more.

Go low and slow. By taking less, you won’t have to worry about overwhelming your mind and body with too much THC. Overdosing on THC can produce different negative side effects.

What Happens If You Overdose?

What happens if you take too many edibles?

Taking too much THC might be uncomfortable, but it isn’t deadly. Some of the uncomfortable side effects might include paranoia, upset stomach, headaches, and blurry vision.

What should you do if you’ve already taken too many edibles? First off, take a moment to breathe and relax. Remember, everything is going to be okay.

If you have some CBD on hand, pure CBD, it can counteract your high. You can buy CBD legally at most stores, and it’s very affordable.

Soothing Solutions

If you don’t already have CBD on hand and you don’t have a friend who can get it for you, there are other solutions. For one, try putting on a TV show that you’re familiar with. Sit in a comfortable place, and surround yourself with a blanket.

Self-soothing is one of the best ways to come down from a bad trip. If you have a trusted friend you can call, get them on the line. Bring all of the supportive, loving vibes you can to the scene, and you’ll feel better in no time.

Different Types of Edibles

Let’s get into the different fun edible options you have. Here’s a list of some of our favorite THC infused products:

  • Mints
  • Chocolate
  • Cookies
  • Brownies
  • Lozenges
  • Lollipops
  • Drink flavors
  • Seltzer’s
  • Shots
  • Cakes
  • Hard candy
  • Jerky
  • Crackers
  • Chips

Salty, sweet, savory, or a combination of all three; edibles from Sava bring anything you want to the table. You can even make your own edibles too! It’s a lot easier than you might think.

Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Then watch out for THC gummies.

Often, CBD and THC gummies will have gelatin, which comes from animals. Vegans and vegetarians will do their best sticking to chocolate bars, hard candies, beverages, and other non gelatin THC edibles.

Using Cannabis to Make Edibles

Are you thinking about using cannabis to make your own edibles? This can work, but only if you have the right setup.

Do you have access to high-grade THC products? If you’re not dealing with dispensary-grown flower or THC products, then it’ll be hard to gauge the quality of your edibles.

You could easily wind up wasting your money and making weak edibles that don’t produce results. You could also make edibles that are so strong they create uncomfortable side effects. Play it safe and stick to dispensary products when making your own edibles.

One of the easiest ways to make your own edibles is by purchasing THC distillate or CBD oil. Remember, THC produces the high, and CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects.

Since cooking THC takes a little bit of experience, we suggest sticking with a beverage option. Add a few drops of your THC distillate to your coffee or water, and you’ll be good to go! Just make sure to double-check the dosage you’re adding so you get the exact results you want.

Timeline for Feeling Effects

The edible effect timeline is a lot different than other THC products. If you want to have a safe and enjoyable experience, then avoid the urge to take more edibles while you’re waiting to feel the effects.

Instead, expect it to take at least 30 to 45 minutes for the first edible to kick in. If you’re not feeling any effects after an hour, wait another hour.

Everyone’s body chemistry is different. Your body might be taking a little bit longer to metabolize the THC. It may be that your body needs two to three hours for you to feel the effects.

If you get impatient and wind up taking extra edibles within that two to the three-hour range, you might be high for a lot longer than you expected. In a lot of cases, it’s best to try one edible dosing per day.

The one edible per day approach is perfect when it’s your first time. If, after taking one edible and waiting the allotted time, you still don’t feel results, call it a day. The next day you can try taking one and a half edibles and, if necessary, 2 edibles the following day.

Once the edibles kick in, you can feel the effects for quite a while. Some of the effects can last as long as 6 to 8 hours. For others, the effects will wear off within a 3 to 6-hour time frame.

Plan on spending the day feeling groovy. Don’t plan on getting any work or important tasks done.

Definitely don’t plan on driving anywhere! Instead, set yourself up for a wonderful at-home edible experience. One of the best ways to enhance your experiences is by doing a bit of food prep.

Eating Edibles and Having Feel Good Snack Foods

Having a fridge stock full of fun munchies means that you can have the best experience possible. Some of the best foods to eat on edibles include finger foods, your favorite snack food, and an extra-special dessert.

Serve up finger foods like baby carrots, apple slices, celery sticks, strawberries, and beyond. Make or buy fun dips like chocolate, guacamole, hummus, caramel, and of course, queso dip. By serving finger foods, you’ll be able to prolong the eating experience.

Since you’ll be high, you’ll enjoy immersing yourself in the different textures of the food. Strawberries will taste more explosive, and celery will have a unique crunch.

You might even get crazy and try dipping a celery stick in the chocolate dip; who knows! Instead of going all out on junk food, try to keep it healthy with the foods we just mentioned.

Then buy yourself an extra special dessert. Your dessert could be your favorite cookies, ice cream, or chocolate bar. It doesn’t have to be a gigantic dessert, but if a friend is with you, have enough to share. Try not to go over the allotted daily amount for sugar intake.

If you’re both eating edibles, your taste buds will be craving the sugary goodness. By balancing out your foods between healthy and indulgent, you’ll be able to feel your best the next day.

Follow this Edibles Guide and Have Fun

There you have it! Now you know the best tips in the edibles guide. The more you prepare your space, the better your time will be!

Start gathering your fun munchies now, and decide what type of edible will suit your needs. Are you going to enjoy a relaxing Indica strain?

Or will you be trying a Sativa edible? The choice is completely up to you!

Did you need a few more tips before getting started? Take a look at another one of our posts for more advice.