Did you know that there are more than 20 million AR-15 rifles in legal circulation in the United States of America? One of the biggest reasons that supporters of the AR-15 love it so much is the fact that it is incredibly easy to purchase and install an AR-15 upgrade. It is a versatile firearm that gets compared to Mr. Potato Head because of all of the rifle modifications that you can make.

There are AR-15 parts that are designed to give you more recoil control. There are others that are designed to help you improve your target acquisition and aim. Knowing what you want will go a long way toward getting the overall firearm performance that you desire from your AR.

The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn about the different AR-15 upgrades that you should consider for your new rifle. Keep reading this article to build your dream AR-15 for home defense or self-defense today!


Grips are a popular choice when you’re getting started with adding rifle modifications to your AR-15. You’ll have a difficult time building up a level of comfortability with your rifle if you don’t like how it feels in your hands or when you’re firing it. You could end up spending more time thinking about your hand placement than your round placement if you don’t like how the rifle feels.

You’ll need to try out some different grips to find one that feels right to you. There are a number of different materials and designs so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one that works well for you. Ultimately, finding a grip for your AR-15 all comes down to personal preference and firearm performance.


Triggers are another common option when it comes to AR-15 upgrades. You could argue that a firearm’s trigger is the most important component of the entire setup. It is the last thing that you use before sending a bullet down the barrel of the weapon. A good trigger will make your finger feel comfortable and at home.

It’s also important to try to find a trigger that has a good level of resistance to your preferences. You don’t want to get a trigger that pulls too easily but you also don’t want to get a finger workout each time that you visit the firing range.

There are also a number of trigger shapes that you need to consider if you’re going to upgrade your AR-15 parts. There are curved triggers that contour to your finger shape and there are straight triggers.

You also need to consider if you want a single-stage trigger or a double-stage trigger for your AR-15. A single-stage trigger is a better option for home defense and self-defense since your rifle will fire as soon as you pull the trigger. Double-stage triggers have two areas of resistance that you’ll encounter when pulling the trigger prior to the round firing off.

Backup Sights

Odds are that you plan on adding a scope or some sort of red dot sight to your AR-15 to improve accuracy and firearm performance. Many of the scopes and red dots out there are great but they require a power source in order to function. They’re also better suited for long-range shots rather than close encounters.

Getting backup sights will keep you covered for any and all situations that you encounter when carrying your AR-15 with you. You’ll set yourself up to be prepared for anything since you never know when your backup sights might save your life. Some of the best backup sights on the market will fold down so that they’re not in the way when you don’t need them.

Charging Handles

Another common AR-15 upgrade that gun owners make in the United States is upgrading the charging handle on the rifle. It is arguably one of the most important upgrades that you’ll make when you’re getting your AR-15 put together. The charging hammer serves the purpose of moving the bolt into position to start shooting rounds down range.

There are a number of other uses that allow you to operate a firearm in a safe and controlled manner. You can use it to eject any rounds that get jammed or that don’t end up firing while also clearing blockages in the barrel of your AR-15.

If you’re naturally left-handed then you should look at upgrading the charging handle since the stock ones are meant for right-handed shooters. Upgrading your charging handle will give you the versatility that you crave since it will allow you to fire both left-handed and right-handed.

Ambidextrous Safety Switches

A Firearm Safety Switch is an important part of any firearm since it prevents unexpected and accidental discharges of the firearm. You can’t underestimate the importance of gun safety any time that you’re handling a firearm. Upgrading the safety switch to your AR-15 will prevent the rifle from going off when you’re handling it or transporting it.

If you’re left-handed then you’ll have a hard time accessing the safety selector on a right-handed AR-15. This inconvenience could lead to an unsafe situation, but you can avoid safety issues by getting an ambidextrous safety switch among other Aero Precision products.


Stocks are another area that AR-15 enthusiasts love to purchase AR-15 upgrades. The stock plays a big role in firearm performance since it is what you use to brace the rifle against yourself when aiming and firing. It might shoot a small round compared to some firearms but you need to avoid making the mistake of thinking that it isn’t a powerful weapon.

Most stocks are adjustable so that you’ll have no problem making your rifle longer or shorter to meet your needs and preferences. They’re also built with the intention of absorbing as much of the rifle’s recoil as possible when you fire so you can remain accurate.

When you decide that your AR-15 needs a new stock you should look for one that uses high-quality building materials that will last a long time. It’s also important to find a stock that isn’t too heavy as that will make carrying your rifle more of a burden.

If you plan on using your AR-15 as a home defense weapon then upgrading the stock is a wonderful idea. You never know when someone will try to break into your home, which means that any member of your family could need the rifle at any time. An adjustable stock means that everyone can adjust the rifle length to fit their body.

Look more for durability and versatility when it comes to firearm performance when getting an upgraded stock. If it improves the overall look then that’s cool too, but performance is the name of the game when your life is on the line.


Another important thing to consider when you’re looking at getting new AR-15 parts is the barrel of your rifle. The gun barrel is one of those rifle modifications that continues to get better with time and technology boosts. There are a ton of great options out there if you decide that you want to boost your firearm performance.

You need to think about your purpose when it comes to the rifle barrels that you want, especially when it comes to barrel length. Longer barrels provide some benefits to hunters and target shooters since they improve the accuracy of your rifle. If you think you’ll use your AR-15 for hunting then you should consider upgrading to a longer barrel.

Your other barrel length option is to get a shorter barrel. These barrels still provide plenty of accuracy but they make your rifle more versatile in situations like home invasions and close-quarters combat situations. You’ll love a shorter barrel since it means your rifle weighs less and you can maneuver with ease.

Rail System

A rail system is the real MVP of AR-15 upgrades since it allows you to make changes to your optics and your grips with ease. A gun rail system is designed to be as versatile as possible, so you’ll have no problem adding AR-15 upgrade after AR-15 upgrade to make your rifle perform at the highest levels.

Your rail system will allow you to mount upgraded sights and optics that will help you fire with more accuracy, while the grip is great for stabilizing your rifle in a comfortable manner. No AR-15 upgrade is complete without a top-notch rail system to cap it off.

Start Your AR-15 Upgrade Today

If you’re a proud AR-15 owner then odds are that you’ve made more than one AR-15 upgrade since purchasing your favorite rifle. Many of these AR-15s are great out of the box, but there are certain AR-15 parts that will help you get the firearm performance that you expect and love from your AR.

Look at upgrading your stock and your rail system if you want a versatile and reliable firearm, and consider getting a shorter barrel if you want to use your rifle for home defense. You should also consider getting an upgraded grip for additional comfort.

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