EMF radiation is coming from more and more household goods. Your microwave, your computer, your WiFi router, your cellphone–they’re all a source of EMF radiation.

Studies on the hazards presented by household EMF radiation are limited. In other words, we’re not quite sure what the impact of EMF is at this time. Does that mean that you should go unprotected?

Taking EMF protection seriously isn’t a bad idea. The good news is that increasing your EMF protection isn’t as hard as you might think.

Read on to learn more about EMF protection for your home.

Measuring EMF Exposure

Before we dive into your EMF protection options, let’s talk about EMF exposure. How much is too much? How can you tell if the electromagnetic field levels in your home are dangerously high?

If you want, you can start by investing in an EMF meter. Many of these are portable, allowing you to take readings throughout your house. These are most useful, as you can determine whether some of the rooms in your home are more hazardous than others.

However, it’s not unlike testing for mold–you don’t need to know the exact amount of mold in your home to accept that mitigation is a necessary step.

EMF Protection Options

There was a time when EMF protection options included reducing your use of EMF-producing technology. However, EMF-producing technology is now so ubiquitous in our everyday life that to get away from it, you’d have to go off the grid. (You’d also have to go without a lot of modern-day conveniences, like microwaving your food.)

Instead, it may be easier to take a look at a few EMF protection options (aka EMF shield options) to find the ones that work best. This can include EMF shielding clothing, EMF shielding paint, and EMF filters. Get more info on the specific products worth trying out.

How do EMF protection options work? Most EMF shields that you can use throughout your home work by reflecting EMF waves away from your body.

For example, EMF shielding clothes are made with strands of metal fibers that protect your skin and vital organs. You can even purchase EMF fabric to make things like EMF shielding blankets and curtains for your home.

Increase Your Protection Today

We don’t yet know what kind of impact EMF radiation can have on our health. One thing we do know is that EMF is found in almost every home in America and across the globe. Rather than giving up your modern conveniences (although this is an option, too), try these EMF protection measures.

The reality is that we’re all asked to coexist with technology. Without it, we wouldn’t have made the advancements in medicine, business, and even entertainment that we see today. If you want to learn more about coexisting with technology, take a look around for reviews, guides, and more.