Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, it’s essential to look at your bathroom occasionally and see what might be broken or barely functional. You’re not alone if you need to know if your bathroom needs a new toilet.

Holding off on bathroom renovations is a top trend. But holding off isn’t the same as holding off for a reason. Replacing your bathroom’s toilets can significantly benefit your home’s comfort, water usage, and more.

Let’s dive into the five signs that replacing your toilet is time.

1. Water Puddles

Water puddles around your toilet can signify your bathroom begging for a new toilet. If you’re noticing puddles of water forming around the base of your toilet or on the bathroom floor, your current toilet is likely leaking from its base. It could result from a cracked wax seal beneath your toilet or a worn-out toilet flange.

2. Leaky Pipes

The signs that a new toilet is begging for a new bathroom can come from leaky pipes. Over time, plumbing pipes can develop holes and cracks, causing leaking near the toilet’s bowl, tank, and outlet. Also, a sign of needing a new bathroom is a discolored tank, corroded valve shaft, or mineral deposits around or on the bowl fixtures. 

If you are having a problem with a toilet leaking and considering toilet replacement, you can visit this plumber for bathroom remodeling or other recommendations from your family and friends.

3. Permanent Stains

Permanent stains, such as hard water or mildew, indicate that your toilet needs replacing. Not only do these discolorations give your bathroom an unpleasant look, but they can make holding onto water more difficult. When a toilet has these types of permanent stains, it may take longer than usual to eliminate the offending discoloration, potentially costing you more money in the long run.

4. Constant Repairs

If you constantly have to repair your toilet, it’s time to look into a new one. Old and outdated bathrooms can lead to inefficiency and even potentially clogging.

Replacing your toilet with a newer model can help with use and save you money on repair costs. Additionally, an old toilet may not be the most visually appealing or sanitary. Installing a new one can give your bathroom a fresh look and be more hygienic.

5. Strange Noses

Strange Noses are the phenomenon of sensing powerful odors emanating from the bathroom, even after adequate cleaning and airing. It could be a symptom of a leaking or malfunctioning toilet. Many homeowners mistakenly assume the smell is coming from their sewer line, but it’s usually the toilet itself that’s the problem.

A constantly running or slow-draining toilet can cause water to back up and create a stale smell, while a clogged continuously toilet can be a hygiene issue.

Know the Signs When Your Bathroom Is in Need of a New Toilet

There’s no doubt that a new toilet can be a great asset for your bathroom. Whether you’re experiencing persistent issues or just looking to update your space, consider all your options before deciding on the perfect new toilet. Feel free to reach out to professionals for advice and help with installation. Your bathroom will thank you!

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