Is your concrete floor looking a little lackluster?

If your floors are looking a bit drab, they could benefit from a concrete floor coating. Floor coatings add shine, sheen, and depth to floors. They add a protective coat that keeps your floors from getting stained or damaged.

But if you want your floors to look their best, you should know the common problems of coating unevenness, bubbling, and degradation. If you can avoid such pitfalls, your floor will look great.

Keep reading to learn the most common concrete floor coating mistakes so you can avoid them.

1. Understand What Type of Floors Need Coating

Not every floor is fit for coating. So it is important to know the differences and not just assume any floor can be coated.

Additionally, not using the correct types of nano color coat and seal for the type of floor can also lead to problem areas. Applying the wrong paint can make a surface more brittle and prone to wear and tear from foot traffic.

So make sure you thoroughly research the floor and understand its surface needs to ensure the best results possible. Professionals like Pristine Concrete Finishes can help you give more clarity on this. 

2. Choosing the Wrong Coating

Another mistake is choosing a coating that is not appropriate for the particular environment. For example, choosing an exterior coating for an interior floor.

Also, choosing the wrong hardness of the coating. Acclaimed too soft a coating can lead to damage from foot traffic. And so a floor coating needs to provide the right balance of durability and flexibility.

Finally, it is also important to ensure that whatever coating you choose is compatible with existing coatings, substrates, and adhesives.

3. Improper Preparation and Cleaning of Floors

The surface must be clean and completely dry before the application of the coating. Even the smallest amount of dirt, dust, and debris can cause the coating to fail.

Also, a concrete floor must be completely cured to ensure efficient adhesion of the coating. If the floor is not adequately cured, the coating will fail prematurely.

Ensure that the surface is properly cleaned with a broom, vacuum, or power washer to remove built-up dirt and debris. Then allow the surface to dry thoroughly before the floor coating process.

4. Neglecting to Recoat the Floor

To avoid this, it’s important to inspect the floor regularly and recoat if necessary. If any required repairs should be attended to ensure a stronger and more durable recoating process.

For long-lasting protection and superior performance, it is important to use the correct materials when recoating. Applying multiple thin layers will also help to ensure that the coating lasts longer.

With care and maintenance, your concrete floor will remain in top condition.

5. Inadequate Ventilation During Application

Poor ventilation leads to fumes that can be hazardous to breathe in and cause illnesses.

So always ensure there is enough ventilation when applying concrete floor coatings. Open up windows and doors to let in the fresh air and wear appropriate floor coating equipment like PPE, respirators, and gloves.

During painting, fumes will also occur so ensure everyone wears a respirator for even greater protection. Don’t forget to turn on any fans you may have in the area as a source of ventilation.

Avoid These Concrete Floor Coating Mistakes

There are a lot of common concrete floor coating mistakes. So make sure to avoid it to ensure a successful application and provide a durable, attractive finish.

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