What time is it? Time to get a watch! 21% of Americans wear a smartwatch or fitness tracker that helps them tell the time. 

Watches are stylish and effective tools. Yet buying a watch can cost you thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands. When you’re looking to get a watch, you need to look at affordable luxury watch brands. 

But what are these brands like? What are the best watch brands from the United States? What watches should you buy for women? 

Watches are stylish and effective tools, offering both functionality and fashion. However, the price tag on many watches can be quite steep, with some costing thousands of dollars, and in some cases, even tens of thousands. When you’re in the market for a new watch, it’s essential to explore affordable luxury watch brands like “Watch Exchange” that provide a range of high-quality timepieces without breaking the bank. By considering such brands, you can find the perfect watch that complements your style and fits within your budget.

Answer these questions and you can make the most out of affordable watches. Here are the five best watch brands that don’t break the bank.

1. Baume and Mercier

Baume & Mercier has been providing affordable luxury watches since 1830. You can buy Baume products for as low as $600, and most of the company’s products do not exceed $5,000. The company provides watches for both men and women, and you can buy a replacement strap if your strap breaks. 

The Baume 10602 costs $600, and you can qualify for a monthly payment plan. The watch has natural linen with red stitching and cork, creating a comfortable strap. You can buy blue and black watches as well, and they are made with recycled materials. 

The Baume 10600 also costs $600, and its face is 41 millimeters wide, making it easy to tell the time from a distance. The strap contains gray cotton, which can be more comfortable than cork. The watch has limited water resistance, so make sure to wear it underneath your sleeve when it is raining.

2. Bulova

If you want to buy your watches from an American company, you should strongly consider Bulova. Bulova offers some of the cheapest luxury watches on the market, with some watches costing less than $250. You can also qualify for discounts if you sign up for email subscriptions. 

The Classic Collection offers the cheapest watches. The 96A133 watch is a stainless steel watch with a black leather strap. It complements a number of outfits, and you can wear the watch to any formal occasion. 

If you’re looking for affordable watch brands for ladies, you can buy the 96L138 watch. It has a rectangular face, which makes it easy to see what the time is. The bracelet has adjustable links, so you can attach the watch to your wrist easily. 

3. Certina

Certina offers watches for athletes and business professionals. You can buy watches directly from Certina for less than $500.

If you want to cut your prices down further, you can go to an online retailer or secondhand store. Take a look at a few different retailers and compare this retailer to others to find the lowest prices. Some companies price Certina watches at less than $250. 

You can buy the DS Cascadeur Quartz Blue Dial Watch for less than $120. As the name suggests, the watch has a blue dial, which makes it more eye-popping than Certina’s other products. The watch has minute markers, helping you tell the exact time. 

If you plan on taking your watch outside, you should purchase the DS First Chronograph Quartz Black Dial Watch. The watch has three sub-dials, one displaying 60 seconds, one displaying 30 minutes, and the third displaying one-tenth of a second. You can also set the date on your watch using a small dial to the right. 

4. Hamilton

The Hamilton Watch Company focuses on more expensive luxury watches. But they offer a few watches under $1,000, and you can save money by buying your watches during holiday sales. 

The Hamilton Jazzmaster Thinline Men’s Watch is a good choice if you’re looking for a basic watch. It has a silver dial with silver hands, and you can read the time with Roman numerals and small minute marks. You can also set the date on the bottom of your watch. 

If you want a watch that is a little flashy, you can buy the Jazzmaster Thinline Blue Dial Men’s Watch. The dial is dark blue, which matches the color of most suit jackets and pants. The watch has a high degree of water resistance, so you can wear it during a rainy day or short recreational swim. 

Hamilton offers a wide variety of women’s watches. The Ardmore Silver Dial Ladies Watch has a stainless steel bracelet and a silver dial, which create a classy aesthetic. The watch has minute and hour markers, and you can track seconds with a sub-dial in the center of the watch.

5. Maurice Lacroix

If you want to buy a watch from a new company, you should purchase from Maurice Lacroix. The company was founded in 1975, and its watches are in a modern industrial style. The company caters to artists, athletes, and young people in addition to established business professionals. 

Maurice Lacroix’s AIKON Collection offers the company’s cheapest watches. The AIKON #tide watches cost less than $1,000, and they all come in neon colors. The collection uses recycled plastics, making it an environmentally friendly watch brand. 

The ELIROS Collection is a little more expensive than the AIKON Collection, but most watches are under $1,000. ELIROS watches are more conservative than AIKON watches, so you can buy one if you’re looking for a traditional product.

The Best Affordable Luxury Watch Brands

Affordable luxury watch brands are more stylish than you think. Baume & Mercier has nearly 200 years of experience in producing premium and affordable watches. Bulova is the leading American company for affordable watches. 

If you want to take your watch outside, you should buy a Certina watch. Hamilton offers some of the best cheap luxury watches for women. Maurice Lacroix’s watches are the boldest in the industry with plastic materials and bright colors. 

These five companies are just the tip of the iceberg. Find out more options for watches by reading our guides.