Outer Banks is a known barrier island in North Carolina. It is famous for its open-sea beaches, diving sites, and beautiful mainland. 

The wonders of the place make many tourists go to the islands year-round. Tourists visit the island for food, attractions, and souvenirs. 

Tourist love having merch whenever visiting the island. Some tourist visit shops on the island for souvenirs. You can also check out OBX Stuff for a great selection of Outer Banks shirts. 

If you plan to visit the Outer Banks, you will need to know a few things before you go. We have summarized these things for you in this article. Let’s go!

1 – Accommodation

The first thing to be on your list is your place of accommodation. Outer Banks has numerous beach houses, hotels, and motels you can go to for a stay. 

It is a good idea to book your accommodation before you go to the islands. This way, you can also arrange vehicle transfers upon arrival on the island. Also, you can prevent problems like not having a place to stay, especially when visiting during peak seasons. 

Booking before arrival is a good idea to take advantage of promos and discounts that can help you save money. 

2 – Not all beach areas in the islands are safe for you.

Not all beach areas in the Outer Banks are safe for a dip or swim. Consequently, not all beach areas on the island can have a lifeguard to guarantee your safety. 

As a tourist, you should be cautious about the beach area you visit. It is essential to research the beach first before diving into the water. Some beach areas have substantial and massive waves that are dangerous to swim. If you are not a pro-swimmer, it is advisable not to visit secluded and unknown beach spots. This way, you can prevent any harm or danger that might happen. 

3 – The weather

Outer Banks have dynamic weather. The temperature on the islands may range from 60 to 30 degrees, depending on the season of your visit. 

The best time to visit Outer Banks is during March and May or September and November. These months are off-seasons in the Outer Banks, where you can find lesser crowds on the island.

Traditionally, Outer Banks has mild weather. During winter, the island can go from 50 to 60 degrees. It is not advisable to swim on the beaches during these times. However, you can try other activities on the island during these seasons. You can tour the islands or try sightseeing for amazing views. 

4 – Stores, shops, and malls

Outer Banks, although a barrier island, have many stores, shops, and malls you can check out. For instance, you can go to downtown Manteo. The downtown is a waterfront where you can see many local shops, restaurants, and attractions of the Outer Banks. 

You can also check out other areas of the islands. Scarborough Lane Shoppes is in Duck, North Carolina. The place has many local restaurants, which is a great place to stop by. 

If you want to try shopping for brand items, you can see them in Outlets Nags Head. You will also not forget to visit Timbuck II. The area is a famous shopping destination having more than 60 stores you should not miss. 

5 – Respecting locals

A tourist needs to respect the locals. If someone smiles at you, you can smile back. Many locals will treat you with great hospitality. 

It is imperative to respect the culture and tradition of the place you will visit. For instance, you should not leave your trash just anywhere. It is necessary not to disrespect the island’s cultural heritage. 

Outer Banks have a tight community. Many locals on the islands will surely help a tourist in need. You can ask them for directions and guides. 

In Conclusion

Outer Banks, just like any other destination, have attractions to promote and heritage to protect. As a tourist, you should know the things that can help you navigate the island perfectly. 

With the help of this article, you can have the best trip to the great Outer Banks in North Carolina.