York is one of the best cities in Yorkshire and has plenty of heritage to offer. You could wander through The Shambles or admire York Minister from an overlooking bar. Stroll through the gardens or dare to experience the infamous York dungeon. York is a great option for a mini-break with your loved one or a day out with the kids.

Catch a train to York and follow this quick guide for a family day out.

The Shambles

The Shambles is one of the most magical streets in the UK. It all started in the medieval period when The Shambles was filled with butcher shops for the locals. These days, the ancient architecture leans over the cobbled streets and makes way for hidden spots. There are independent shops selling sweets, handmade trinkets and delicious coffee. Bars and pubs are tucked between the buildings and filled with locals. The Shambles is often compared to Diagon Alley in Harry Potter.

York Minster

York Minister is one of Europe’s most breath-taking Gothic Cathedrals. It contains the largest collection of medieval stained glass in England, and there are 275 steps to the top of the central tower. It’s also the highest viewpoint in the city. Alternatively, you could visit a rooftop bar overlooking the entire city – and the Minister.

Jorvik Viking Centre

The Viking Centre has an interactive experience that brings the Viking age to life. In the 1970s, a Viking site was excavated beneath the streets of York. The Viking Centre now rests above the site and allows visitors to see the remains of the 9th-century homes. Spend the day learning about the Vikings and their way of life.

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York Dungeon

The York Dungeon is a fantastic activity to do with the entire family. The immersive experience goes on for an hour, and you can learn about two thousand years of York history. There are brilliant actors, special effects and plenty of scares along the way.

Afternoon Tea

Head to Yorkshire’s only five-star hotel, The Grand, for afternoon tea and a luxurious stay. You can bask in the original architecture f the building and stunning views of the city. There’s a spa, gym and delicious British food. You can also book Afternoon tea with sweet and savoury plates. The Grand has recently opened a cookery school for guests to learn new culinary skills with expert chefs.

If in doubt, head to a cosy pub nestled in the city centre and enjoy a roast dinner with your family. York is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some fun activities with your loved ones. You can get some amazing Instagram shots as well.