Horseback riding is an immersive activity that will instantly melt away your stresses.

Consistent horseback riding can improve your mental and physical health. But riding a horse is a bit more involved, unlike bike riding.

Educate yourself on the preparation process and proper riding techniques before you ride. But do not overwhelm yourself with never-ending horseback riding facts. 

Let us discuss some common tips about horseback riding for beginners. 

Good Posture 

Sitting up straight on a horse is not the easiest thing to do. But practicing good posture while on a horse ensures you a safe ride.

Engage your core muscles to elongate your spine. You will strengthen your abdominal area and achieve better balance.

Proper Riding Gear

Appropriate horseback riding gear is essential to a comfortable riding experience. Since horseback riding is an outside activity, you need weather-resistant clothing.

At, you will find waterproof riding boots for those wet days in a stable. And buy some riding pants with anti-slip silicon on the buttocks for stability.

Expect to get dirty in the beginning, so invest in stain-resistant pants.

Hand Positioning on the Reins 

The reins on a horse are like a steering wheel, and poor hand placement can cause a disaster. A horse will send you flying off its back for using too much force on the reins.

Also, holding on to the saddle horn is dangerous and does not help with steering. 

Distribute the reins evenly between the left and right hands. Hold the reins firmly and gesture gently towards the direction you want the horse to go.

Get to Know Your Horse

The best part about horseback riding is the bond you create with your horse. But you may not hit it off with the first horse you ride.

Get to know the different types of horses at the stable. Break the ice by taking care of a horse to get acquainted with its personality and temperament.

Loosen Up

It is okay to be nervous when starting horseback riding. But the horse will not trust you if you do not trust yourself.

When you’re nervous, you tense up, and your horse can feel you stiffening. Take deep breaths and release your shoulders to ease any tension in your body. 

Your self-confidence will increase as you continue your horseback riding journey.

Stay Alert

Horseback riding requires your undivided attention. Missing the slightest detail can put you and your horse in jeopardy.

The more you focus on the present moment, the fewer chances your mind will wander.

The horse depends on you to make quick and sensible decisions. So do a mindfulness meditation before you ride to clear your mind.

Horseback Riding for Beginners 

Horses are so graceful that you may feel riding one will be a breeze. But horseback riding for beginners can be difficult, so it is a smart idea to follow our horseback riding tips above. 

Your ride will become smoother with discipline and persistence. Check out our health and fitness section for more skilled activity ideas.