While being at the wheel in your vehicle may seem to be a routine activity, it is perhaps one of the riskiest things you might do throughout your average day. The fifth biggest cause of mortality in the US is automobile collisions, so read on below to stay as safe as you can on today’s roads.

Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

If you’ve ever overheard anyone describe what unfolded during a car accident, you’ve probably heard that it happened out of the blue. You can’t always see what’s going on all around you, so it’s crucial to keep checking your rearview mirrors and carefully check junctions whenever you travel across them. The best collision avoidance system in the world can save lives and injuries, but they can only detect so much, which is why it is still important for you to practice defensive driving. It also involves developing the discipline of quickly scanning intersecting roads as you near them to prevent getting T-boned by a negligent motorist who isn’t paying enough attention to the traffic and signals around them.

Presume That Everyone Around You Is A Bad Driver

It’s really simple to start believing that most other motorists are as concerned about safe driving practices as you are, but you’ll quickly realize that just isn’t the case. Most other drivers seem to be more concerned about getting to their destination quickly, and that makes them appear to drive recklessly. It’s critical to focus on your ability to manage elements around you while you’re driving. The only aspect of any bad scenario that you have control over is your own actions. You can’t assume that they would drive defensively the same way you do, so it’s your job to put this advice into practice and be aware.

Break Before You Need To

Driving defensively involves breaking sooner and allowing a bit more room than you think you’ll need between your vehicle and the vehicles ahead of you. In truth, it’s wise to slow down a bit earlier than usual, particularly when the roads are slippery. After deciding to apply your brakes, be prepared for your car to take two to three times longer to come to a standstill in wet conditions.

Stay Focused On The Road

Avoid letting distractions like playing with the stereo, the air conditioner, your children in the back, or an argument with your spouse prevent you from doing your duty while driving and keeping everyone safe. Constantly keep an eye on the road and the cars nearby. You’ll want to learn how to foresee any potentially dangerous scenario once you’ve perfected your awareness of the traffic around you. After that, you must have a strategy for what you could do to protect your vehicle and its inhabitants from any possible dangers.

After reading the defensive driving tips above, you should be a better driver on any trip when you have to get behind the wheel. While every incident on the road may call for a different method to handle it, try your utmost to be ready by ensuring that both you and your car are in good condition and that you are always aware of what’s around you.