TikTok has been the fastest-growing platform in recent years. Beyond 1 billion active users worldwide, TikTok has specialized videos in all niches. Home is where the heart is! So when a person renovates their home, it covers mixed emotions of happiness, sentiment, and joy. Home renovation is a prolonged process, and you need ideas from different experts. Although TikTok is an app for fun and entertaining content, it has incredible home renovation accounts and opinions, clocking up millions of views and likes worldwide. If you are a home renovator and want to become famous on TikTok, try to buy tiktok likes and enhance the brand visibility. You can follow any of the below accounts and shall find inspiring ideas for your home renovation. Let’s get started! Continue reading to see more!

6 Home Renovation TikTok Accounts 

1. Old House Adam

Adam has a house bought by his wife. He is now renovating it, so he takes many videos of the renovation and posts them on TikTok. When you scroll through Adam’s videos, you can see a lot of topics regarding home renovation. Now, this account has been a treasure trove for home improvement ideas. Adam covers videos of everything, starting from woodworking to bathroom installations. In addition, he covers videos on furniture and vintage shopping tips. 

2. Christine Monks 

Christine has a vintage victorian house. She takes a trip to her home through TikTok videos and emphasizes DIY work in all of the rooms in her house. In addition, she portrays beautiful gardens and water features. The significant advantage of her video is that you could explore the authentic vintage styles that are rarely available in today’s home. 

3. Jacyln Harper

In Jacyln’s account, you can see more advice, tips, and inspiration for home renovation. This account is more helpful for new home renovators. She even covers videos on purchasing stylish interior decors and shares the cheapest places. In addition, she has more experience in making interiors by herself. By following her account, you could be able to finish your renovation at budget-friendly costs. 

4. Cori

Cori is a realtor with 5 million followers and 77 million likes for her videos. She has documented a video on her house renovating projects. The beauty of her videos is that she explains step-by-step instructions, tips, and tricks that can be easily applied to the viewers’ homes. If you are a realtor looking for spectacular growth on TikTok, then you can try using EarnViews, which shall increase your opportunity of getting famous on TikTok. 

5. Emily Shaw

She is a professional interior designer, so you can find the taste of perfection in her videos. She has the most followed home account on TikTok. She owns 5.3 million followers on TikTok, and her videos are always an eye-opener for home renovation projects. She also has budget-friendly DIY. The hashtags on her profile like #firsttimehomebuyer, #interiordesign, and #diy remind her that she is a great interior designer at first look. 

6. May Jannat 

May Jannat has brilliant transformation ideas for your table accessories, staircase lights, furniture, etc. She holds a 6.3 k fanbase and 103.8 k likes. She also shows some garden transformation tips. For example, one of her videos was eye-stunning, where she decorated her egg chair. The video has become viral on the internet. 

Benefits Of Following A Home Renovators Account

The significant benefits are as follows, 

  • The primary reason for renovating a house would be its old style and comfortableness. So, following a TikTok home renovators account might be helpful for those people. 
  • Home Renovation involves a trendy element to be a part of it. Only by following the TikTok accounts will you be up to the trend. You will get to know the latest trends in home decor. 
  • As many home renovating accounts deal with the cheapest and budget-friendly place of purchase for your raw materials, you can finish your project at your desired cost. 
  • You could get more inspiring ideas where you get from nowhere. 
  • Even if you have a small house, with those ideas given by home renovators on TikTok, you could make your space more elegant and aesthetically pleasing in a quick time.
  • You will get a comprehensive idea of color combinations, patterns, etc., for your home. So you may be confused with the designs. 


We hope you have gained good tips on home renovation from this article. As home renovation is a long process, take your time discussing and researching. Then, you can use the techniques for your home renovation and get more benefits. Moreover, if you are a home renovator professional, you can try using EarnViews and get higher engagement. If you have enjoyed this article, you can leave your comments below! Thanks for reading the article.