In October 2021 alone, gamblers wagered $7 billion on sports betting, indicating a 20-fold increase in this activity since 2018.

There are two reasons for this sudden spike in interest.

Firstly, more states have legalized gambling on sports, and secondly, online gambling is easy and convenient for all sports fans.

So if you enjoy sports, and you’re looking to earn a good living, why not join this thriving industry by becoming a bookie?

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What Is Pay Per Head?

Also known as “price per head,” pay per head is a business model for offering an automated bookie business online.

Pay per head providers give aspiring bookies a professional sports betting website.

They update these lines in real time, so they’re always accurate to the second.

At the end of each sporting event, the service grades the wagers and credits or debits them to the agent and the players’ accounts.

A pay per head service is easy and convenient for everyone to use.

As a bookie, you set up the PPH platform with the events and sports that you’re offering and launch it as a website.

Players then place their bets and pay for them online through secure online transactions. As a bookie, the site makes it easy for you to connect with your players and pay them their winnings, too.

Due to this simplicity, a pay per head sportsbook offers an easy entry point to the $72 billion online betting market for aspiring bookies.

You pay a small fee for each player you work with on the site. At around $10 per head, this works out a lot cheaper than paying a flat fee for using other online bookie services.

Your service provider makes their money from the payments you make per head, not from your winnings.

If you want to add additional features to your website, you can pay more for the privilege.

The Benefits of Pay Per Head Services

There are other routes to becoming a bookie, but pay per head is by far the cheapest and most convenient. Here’s why it works so well.

Flexibility and Scalability

The main benefit of using a pay per head service is that it’s scalable and flexible. Since you only pay for active players, you pay when they do.

That saves you from the potential hazard of paying a flat fee that exceeds your earnings.

As long as your players bet and lose more than you’re paying for them to play, you can earn a good living.

Once you’ve signed on a player, you don’t pay for them unless they’re active on the platform.

If you work conscientiously on growing your sportsbook, you can make a lot of money with pay per head.

Fully Managed

You don’t need to know anything about website development or coding to run an efficient and user-friendly site. You won’t need to hire an expensive professional to do these things for you, either.

A team of software experts ensures your site is up and running at its best.

You don’t need to worry about maintaining or updating your site at all. You can focus on growing your business.

The fee per player includes access to all the latest apps and score tracking systems available. Player demos allow you to see how the system works for your players when they log in.

Website Development

Your PPH provider works with you to set up a website that works for you and brings value to your bookie business. You can usually choose from a range of templates or create a custom website to suit your requirements.

It’s the ideal way to build your brand and offer your clients the services they want.

Support When You Need It

The call center is on hand at all hours for any questions or assistance with using the website.

Having customer support available for your players is a convenient service that helps build your reputation as a reputable and professional bookie.

As a bookie, you have access to a helpline for assistance with business services, too.

These include changing the way your site works, platform upgrades, or keeping tabs on the bets your players make. You can view stats on their wins, losses, and betting behavior.

A good service allows you to track the progress of your business, so you plan for future growth.

Supreme Security

When you work with a pay per head service, you and your players maintain complete anonymity. You’re all identified by numbers instead of your names.

If you want to maintain this anonymity when it comes to payments, you can pay via bitcoin.

This currency also greatly reduces the chance of hackers and malware accessing your information. It’s secure, anonymous, and untraceable.

Despite this, some PPH providers can still allow you to resell your services to previous clients via your website.

Disadvantages of Using a Pay Per Head Service

There’s a limit to how effective pay per head services are when it comes to flexibility and customer service.

Both of these aspects depend on the service you choose and the software they use.

If you’re very particular about how you want your business to run, or end up with a huge customer base, PPH service might not meet your needs for long.

They’re an affordable, entry-level service aimed at novice bookies, not big players. In these cases, you’re better off spending the money to set up your own bookie office.

Another unfortunate fact is that not all PPH service providers offer the same standard of service.

You must do your research to ensure you work with a reputable pay per head service that offers good value for your money.

Choosing a Reputable Pay Per Head Provider

You’re effectively allowing a third party to run your business when you use a pay per head service.

The PPH provider you choose must provide all the aforementioned benefits at a price you can afford.

Do your due diligence by following these steps first.

Investigate Reviews

Look for online reviews about PPH services as well as some of the websites they work with. Pay attention to how they deal with any negative reviews and whether they respond to them in a satisfactory way.

This will give you an indication of how they’ll treat you if you’re ever dissatisfied with their service.

Speak to Experienced Bookies

Join online forums and ask other bookies if they can recommend any PPH services. First-hand information is always the best way to get an honest opinion on any service.

View Their Websites

While searching online, visit the websites of PPH operators to see what they offer.

They should provide transparent information about what they offer and all the costs involved.

Is their website user-friendly with an appealing design? If not, can you trust them to create?

Do they offer demos of how it all works on their sites? These will give you a good idea about what you’re offering your potential customers.

Other things to consider include:

  • How experienced and knowledgeable are their agents?
  • Do they use a reputable software service?
  • Do they perform regular backups and cybersecurity updates?
  • Is their system easy to use?
  • Do they offer the option to upgrade to more advanced services?

Once you’ve signed up with a provider, you aren’t bound to them for life. Yet, it’s still important to choose the best one if you want to ensure the success of your online bookmaking business.

The wrong provider will set you back and could cause you to give up before you’ve enjoyed any of the benefits of this potentially lucrative occupation.

Consider Pricing

You get what you pay for when you sign up for PPH services.

A very cheap service won’t provide all the benefits you need, while a more expensive one will eat into your profits.

Be realistic about your budget vs. your potential earnings and choose a service you can afford.

Win at Being a Bookie

Remember, the odds are forever in favor of the house. As a bookie, you always win when you opt for a pay per head system.

So, if you’re thinking of getting started in this lucrative industry, it’s a good option to look into.

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